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My name is Gay Aida

SEO Specialist

I started working online since 2009 as an Internet Researcher, and that's when I got curious on how search engine works so in September of 2010 I started my SEO training. Since then, I've been a SEO service provider based here in Cebu Philippines to businesses here in the Philippines and also abroad - US, Canada, Australia, and UK. Now, I've been working as a SEO specialist for almost 8 years, and offering Social Media Management for almost 5 years. Do you want to rank your website on search engines like Google?



I've been asked a number of questions about my SEO service as a SEO specialist, and to help you make that quick decision on why you should HIRE MY SEO SERVICE today, I answer a number of commonly or frequently asked questions by business owners through this video.


Search Engine Optimization

I provide SEO services for entreprenuers who needs and wants their business to be found on search engines like Google. (Know More)

Website Development

Customized, design, and install wordpress websites for clients who wish to have their very own website. (Know More)

Social Media Management

Manage social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach out to more potential customers. (Know More)


B.S. Information Technology

University of Cebu - Banilad
Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu Philippines

San Agustin Institute of Technology

High School
Valencia City, Bukidnon

Bukidnon Faith Christian School Inc.

Valencia City, Bukidnon


SEO Specialist

September 2010 - Present


Internet Researcher

2009- June 2010

Hotels Combined (Australia)

Marketing Manager Assistant (OJT)


Globe Telecom (Cebu)

Computer Maintenance

2006 - 2009

Interneconnectivity Computer Solutions



Onsite Optimization 90%
Offsite Optimization 95%
Local SEO 85%


Development 85%
Design 80%
Optimization 90%

Social Media

Facebook 85%
Twitter 80%
Instagram 75%










How to Use Twitter - A Basic Twitter Video Tutorial

How to Use Twitter
I’ve been a twitter user for since 2009 and actually at first I don’t get it why we should join Twitter. Yes, I was just like most of these people who are not totally interested in sharing and updating “STRANGERS” about my personal life. Because way back then, I was not an online marketer, I was just an ordinary online worker who’s already happy with Facebook.

Everybody back then was talking about Twitter, what’s trending, that I should tag them, tweet them… What the F are you talking about?

So I realize that I must totally join and at least test it out. See what the online world of Twitter has to offer me.

Check out my first tweet!

Yes, I was actually thinking what to post, what to do and how to use Twitter. I’m like, okay, SOMEBODY RESCUE ME… or at least help me figure it out.

Luckily for you, after 5 years of using Twitter, I can teach you at least the basics and teach you how to use Twitter. Yes, again and again. I was able to make a 16 minutes (of my Sunday) video sharing some basics about Twitter. Just the basics, totally basic!

How to Use Twitter?

So what’s included in the video? Here are a couple of things I’ve shared with you in the video:

  • News Feed/ Tweet Feed
  • Your Profile
  • Trending
  • Notifications
  • Discover
  • Direct Message
  • Posting a Tweet or How to Tweet
  • Using Hashtags
  • Twitter Mentions
  • Searching on Twitter 

Want to learn and know about these things? Then watch the video, but warning though, I might sound boring.

Let’s recap and let me clarify some things that I have mentioned on this simple and basic Twitter tutorial which are the following:


A link going back to your homepage


You’ll get notifications when someone follows you,  retweet, favorite or reply to your tweet and of  course added you to a list


Is a topic. E.g. #AskGay where you’ll tweet using the hashtag and tweeting your questions to me!

4. ME

A link going to your profile.


A private message to a Twitter user, not shown publicly.


Write a status or tweet..

There are a couple of things I forgot to discuss on the video. I was too late to realize that I was not able to discuss or teach how to retweet, like, favorite and reply a tweet. So let me grab this chance to teach you how to use it here.


It’s simply having or leaving a comment of a tweet of someone. It will appear like this

My reply to her tweet is a comment of her tweet.


It’s when you share a tweet (or status) on your own profile or timeline to your followers. And it will appear like this:

Atom Araullo is actually a news reporter here in the Philippines that's why he's tweeting the weather forecast during the storm here in the Philippines. I retweeted it to share it with my followers and let them know our weather condition.


It’s simple, it’s simply saying that you like the tweet of that Twitter user.

This actually in my notification, and yes you'll be notified when someone FAVORITES (equivalent to Facebook like) your status or tweet. The text in grey is my tweet, and the photos or profile photos just below it are the people who favorites by tweet and you may actually click on them if you'd like to know who they are.

When you click on the star (favorite someone's post), it will not show on your timeline or news feed. It's just simply letting the person who owns or tweeted the tweet knows that you like the tweet.

I think I was able to cover the basics on how to use Twitter and please do feel free to leave your questions, corrections and request on tutorials below or send me a tweet and email, or just use the contact form of the blog if you like.

Why On-Page SEO is Still Essential?

Why On-Page SEO is Still Essential

For 3 years of working as a SEO specialist, I’ve already tried to work with a number of website owners and tried to fix and optimize websites to help them rank to the top search results of the search engines. I’m saying that I’ve “tried” because sadly, there are website owners who are not open to improving their website so it will be easier for search engines to crawl and of course be user friendly.

Most of the clients I’ve tried to work who are like this, I’ve only worked for at least a month. It’s hard to work with someone who does not wish to improve their website, their process and expect you to still be able to bring them to the top.

How Important is Onpage SEO?

Luckily, I found this infographic that simply just shows the importance of onpage SEO, why you should totally give value on how your website is constructed, designed and developed.
Why On-Page SEO is Still Essential Infographic

Having a good looking website is not the only factor to consider in creating a website that is not only user friendly, but also search engine friendly. These 7 factors is surely important and every website developer and owner should totally check and consider.

Top 3 Benefits of Sponsoring a Blog

Top 3 Benefits of Sponsoring a Blog
I’ve started blogging few months after I started SEO, when I want to have a website of my own that I’d be able to practice, make technique experiments and see it for myself the benefits of having your website optimized.

It’s been 3 years now since I started blogging. I’m not that known like others since I’m very much well aware that I’m not really that good in writing but it’ understandable and good enough – I think. I’ve written multiple articles, almost a thousand most likely and these can be tips, discussions and even reviews.

As a blogger, I’ve experienced what are the benefits and the best thing about being a blogger. Businesses sends you products, restaurants invite you for a free dinner, hotel and resorts wants you to try them out even just for a day, travel agencies would love to have you in their tour and of course the huge events with freebies. But the question is what the benefits are there for businesses when they sponsor a blogger?

Social Media Mentions

Usually, bloggers like me likes tweeting, sharing and posting our experience on Instagram in real time. We love letting our readers, fans and followers know where we are, what we’re doing and what or who we’re with.

So imagine if businesses sponsor a blogger for tour, dinner or hotel stay? How many photos will a blogger be able to post in an hour, how many times will they include where they are, how their food taste like or at least what they’re eating, their experience in a tour or how nice their and comfortable their room in a hotel? Not to mention, how many times will a business be mentioned in their social media accounts where they have at least a hundred of fans and followers. So, please don’t wonder why I have almost a thousand posts on my Instagram.

Getting Featured

These days, there are a lot of ways to market your business. Not only offline through banners, flyers or TV ads but also online. One of the campaigns that internet marketers use like SEO specialists like me is inviting bloggers so that they’ll be able to experience our product and/or services and write about us on their blog.

So why and how getting featured on a blog will be helpful for your marketing campaign? Other than letting their readers know about the activities they’ve done, the readers of the blogger’s blog will also be able to know who they’re with (like which travel agency they get to give them a tour) plus the rates and important details can and usually are included in the blogger’s blog post.

And that’s why people love reading blogs, because the information is from real people who have been there and done it. And usually, the blog posts rank very well on search engines like Google. Like this for example:

why sponsor a travel blog

I’m planning my trip to Palawan and want to know which among Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princesa is best to go. And as highlighted (in red) above, all the 3 blog sites are ranking on the top 6.

Imagine if a business which in this case can be a hotel and travel agency are the ones who sponsored these bloggers, can you just imagine the conversion? People read their blogs because they most likely have the details, information, expenses and tips about the trip.

Lifetime Investment

As long as the bloggers’ blog is up, live, alive and updated, not only readers can read about the trip and about your business, but also people who search for services like yours will be able to read the blog post. That means a lifetime reference to your website and business from bloggers. Since bloggers do mention which hotel they stay or travel agency they hire because they usually state the total expenses for the whole trip.

I apologize if all of my samples are mostly travel related since most of the sponsors I had and have are for my travel blog, but I did have a sponsor for my tech blog where they sent me free products for me to review and publish on my blog.

Sponsoring a blogger can be costly, especially if the product and services are expensive but surely picking the right blogger will be worth it of an investment for your marketing campaigns.

SEOmoz - What Should be on Your Homepage?

What Should be on Your Homepage
I've made a couple of revamps on the sites that I've handled that I also own lately, to make it more SEO friendly, more optimize and a lot more faster than it's used to be. For me, I think it's pretty important that we do redesign our website in every a couple of years since there will surely be a new technique in making it more a lot better. Plus, a lot faster and well optimized.

With the services you have, products, information that you could share to the public and have it posted on your website, plus of course updates, which one you could and should put up? Everything?

You're not alone, I've been struggling on that too. It takes me months sometimes to really finalize the data and of course the new design of the website. It's hard to think what the visitors want and needs from you to convert this traffic to sales.

Yes, as a SEO specialist I believe it's still part of my task and job scope to be able to understand and make correction on the web designer's website design - actually improve the design, visually for the users and internally for the search engines.

What Should be on Your Homepage?

In 2014, what do you think your website should look like? There's a new way to impress your visitors every now and then, so with that you have a lot of choices and options to put up on your website. There are a lot of skilled designer out there who could do things that you need to be included on your website, especially your homepage so better study and find out what your visitors want to see first to be able to make them avail your services or purchase your product.

Luckily, we can have these a couple of great tips from Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz who shares a couple of ideas and tips on what you should put up on your website. Check it out!

Our aim in making a great website, and of course at least a good homepage is that being able to make everything easier for your website visitors to go around  your site. Providing them the information they need in a page and passing or letting them easily navigate throughout your website.


Here are a few of my previous and some current clients that I've done SEO service with. Not all are published.

FitnessMotivationToday gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

Her website is about motivating her readers to be more fit. Her success story? Through SEO a brand found her online through our keyword and hired her as a model for a product and shoot an advertisement with them in the US.

Bridget Taylor


Cebu Trip rent a car gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

This car rental company based in Cebu is now one of the preferred and premier car rental company in Cebu.

Cebu Trip Rent a Car


Cebu Trip Tours gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

They're now the top travel agency in Cebu, getting more bookings than other travel agencies. From getting an average of 900 visits a month, they're now getting an average of 6,000 visits a month.

Cebu Trip Tours


JavaVideoTutorials gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

It's a 6 months project that results in doubling the traffic after just 4 months.

Trevor Page


cleverclosetcompany gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

An Australian custom closet designer that has SEO done before but didn't worked out.After 6 months in working with her, I was able to double the traffic, from 800 visitors to an average of 2000 visitors a month.

Sally Hart


Hush Anesthetic gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

This is a two years project with the client. I started with them getting an average of 3,000 visitors a month, and after 2 years they're able to get an average of 15,000 visits a month. The project ended because they're happy with the ranking and want to focus more on paid marketing campaigns.

Hush Anesthetic


Gay Aida Dumaguing
Cebu, Philippines