Why On-Page SEO is Still Essential?

Why On-Page SEO is Still Essential

For 3 years of working as a SEO specialist, I’ve already tried to work with a number of website owners and tried to fix and optimize websites to help them rank to the top search results of the search engines. I’m saying that I’ve “tried” because sadly, there are website owners who are not open to improving their website so it will be easier for search engines to crawl and of course be user friendly.

Most of the clients I’ve tried to work who are like this, I’ve only worked for at least a month. It’s hard to work with someone who does not wish to improve their website, their process and expect you to still be able to bring them to the top.

How Important is Onpage SEO?

Luckily, I found this infographic that simply just shows the importance of onpage SEO, why you should totally give value on how your website is constructed, designed and developed.
Why On-Page SEO is Still Essential Infographic

Having a good looking website is not the only factor to consider in creating a website that is not only user friendly, but also search engine friendly. These 7 factors is surely important and every website developer and owner should totally check and consider.