Top 5 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Use

In connection with our topic few weeks ago - using Twitter for your business marketing campaign - I would like to share with you guys this infographic that I found on the Top 5 Social Media Platforms that YOUR Business Should Use.

There are a lot of social media sites available these days, and I think more are planning to launch their own social media website. So I think it's worth to check out this infographic I found and think of including social media in your marketing campaign (since it's not only Twitter that exist).

If you're still thinking twice in including social media in your campaign, hopefully this will convince you enough to make use and take advantage of these social media websites to boost your campaign for your business.

So here's the infographic I found that you should totally check out along with the social media sites you should make use of.

I think Google+ and Foursquare deserves to be included on the list of top social media sites, I'm not pretty sure with the ranking but both are pretty much worth it.

Both is very useful for local businesses. Like if your business is a restaurant, there are people these days that will make use of Google+ and Foursquare, since it has a map and all it can help them locate the nearest restaurant in the area that they're in. You may also gain testimonials from your customers and gain tips from them too.