Search Engine Optimization Service

I've been working as a SEO specialist since September 2010. I've worked with clients from around the world, from Australia, USA, Canada and UK where all of them have been served the best quality of professional SEO service I could provide.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

The scope of my job actually depends on how far you would like me to have access of. But my job will be helping you rank on the top search engines like Google, deliver quality traffic that we could convert to SALES. Below is the table that basically includes what includes in my FULL SEO service. If you would like to request something, feel free to contact me if you wish something more to be added or mix it with my Social Media Management Service.


Keyword Research
Maximum Number
Minimum Number
Website Optimization
Offsite Optimization
Link Building
100 links / m
200 links / m
Link wheel
Article Writing for Website’s blog
1 article / m
Biweekly Report
If requested
Monthly Report
US $300/month
US $500/month

/m means "per month"
All rates provided is per website.

Note: Link wheel is a technique, it's just one of the techniques I use.

Why SEO is Important?

I'm not really into showing myself on a video, so good thing theSEOguys on YouTube is here to explain why SEO is important especially for your business. Check out the video below!

From that, here are my top 5 reasons why you should market your business online. Have a website, social media accounts and have your website optimized.

  • Searchable. People are so dependent online these days, especially to the search engines like Google. Having your site rank on the targeted keywords will also target your target market, which is reaching more potential clients ONLINE. If they can't find you online, they can't buy your product or service.
  • Target Market. SEO specialists can help you identify your target market and know the potential of your business not only offline but also online.
  • Business Trends. SEO specialists can help you find and track the trends of your business, or the trends that you could grab and take advantage of.
  • Building Reputation. Listen to your customers not only offline, but also online. A lot of your potential customers can help you promote your business online through providing them the best quality service and that goes to the people who rant online. SEO specialists can help you build and fix any issues in your business.
Please do feel free to contact me, let me know what service your interested with, your monthly budget and we could totally customize the service for you.


How many hours is the TASTE TEST package equivalent to?
It is equivalent in working for part-time for your website. That is a total working hours of 20 hours per week, a total of 80 hours per month.

How many hours is the DELICIOUS package equivalent to?
It is equivalent in working for part-time for your website. That is a total working hours of 40 hours per week, a total of 160 hours per month.

I want you to work full-time for me.
Then you can get the DELICIOUS package.

I want you to work ONLY for me
As an online worker for 8 years, a SEO for 7 years, it's not practical for me to work for only 1 client. A client can ask me to stop anytime, so that means an unstable job for me. I keep part-time projects on the side just to ensure that I do still get an income if the other one stops. So, as of the moment I can't work only for you.

How can I be sure you are working on my website and not just your other client(s)?
If there's no result or even a report, then I'm doomed! If you're worried about the quality of work I do for your website, no worries. I do control the number of websites that I handle just to make sure the quality of work is still delivered.

How can you work 2 full-time? Let's be real!
It sounds impossible, yes. Sounds like I'm awake every single day. But if there's more than 2 projects I'm handling, I have someone else write the articles for me since that's one of the tasks that takes a lot of my time - articles are used for the content on the websites I build links to.

Why are you charging per website?
Working on a website to rank to the first page of search result takes a lot of time and hard work, and I'm not kidding. A part time will just give a slow progress, how much more if you split it on a number of websites. So, to keep the quality and make the client happy, I make sure that the number of hours that a website needs attention is provided to provide the client the maximum result on their budget.

What should I know?
I have my own process, so if you want to know what to expect on the first month, please read MY SEO PROCESS so you'll be aware what you can expect from me in the first week and the whole month. And please note that the first month is really important, since it's where we take all the first steps. Your cooperation is also very important.

You may also want to check the SEO SERVICE AGREEMENT that I have.

How can we start?
As soon as you decide that you'll hire me, you can inform me when you want me to start along with the access to: your website (highly recommended), Google Analytics (if you have, I can create and install if you don't have it yet), Google Webmasters, and of course a 50% down payment for the first month - the remaining balance will be paid at the end of the month.

Please note that the down payment is consumable but not refundable.

If you have any more questions, please do feel free to contact me and I'll respond as soon as I can.


The following websites are the ones I've done SEO service for the past years. Not all of my clients are published here since not all are under my name since there are times I'm working in behalf of someone and/or a company that did not allow me to have their clients to include in my portfolio.

I respect client confidentiality so I wont be sharing the keywords and data gathered for months or even years for the client.

Gay Aida Dumaguing
Cebu, Philippines