Top 3 Benefits of Sponsoring a Blog

Top 3 Benefits of Sponsoring a Blog
I’ve started blogging few months after I started SEO, when I want to have a website of my own that I’d be able to practice, make technique experiments and see it for myself the benefits of having your website optimized.

It’s been 3 years now since I started blogging. I’m not that known like others since I’m very much well aware that I’m not really that good in writing but it’ understandable and good enough – I think. I’ve written multiple articles, almost a thousand most likely and these can be tips, discussions and even reviews.

As a blogger, I’ve experienced what are the benefits and the best thing about being a blogger. Businesses sends you products, restaurants invite you for a free dinner, hotel and resorts wants you to try them out even just for a day, travel agencies would love to have you in their tour and of course the huge events with freebies. But the question is what the benefits are there for businesses when they sponsor a blogger?

Social Media Mentions

Usually, bloggers like me likes tweeting, sharing and posting our experience on Instagram in real time. We love letting our readers, fans and followers know where we are, what we’re doing and what or who we’re with.

So imagine if businesses sponsor a blogger for tour, dinner or hotel stay? How many photos will a blogger be able to post in an hour, how many times will they include where they are, how their food taste like or at least what they’re eating, their experience in a tour or how nice their and comfortable their room in a hotel? Not to mention, how many times will a business be mentioned in their social media accounts where they have at least a hundred of fans and followers. So, please don’t wonder why I have almost a thousand posts on my Instagram.

Getting Featured

These days, there are a lot of ways to market your business. Not only offline through banners, flyers or TV ads but also online. One of the campaigns that internet marketers use like SEO specialists like me is inviting bloggers so that they’ll be able to experience our product and/or services and write about us on their blog.

So why and how getting featured on a blog will be helpful for your marketing campaign? Other than letting their readers know about the activities they’ve done, the readers of the blogger’s blog will also be able to know who they’re with (like which travel agency they get to give them a tour) plus the rates and important details can and usually are included in the blogger’s blog post.

And that’s why people love reading blogs, because the information is from real people who have been there and done it. And usually, the blog posts rank very well on search engines like Google. Like this for example:

why sponsor a travel blog

I’m planning my trip to Palawan and want to know which among Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princesa is best to go. And as highlighted (in red) above, all the 3 blog sites are ranking on the top 6.

Imagine if a business which in this case can be a hotel and travel agency are the ones who sponsored these bloggers, can you just imagine the conversion? People read their blogs because they most likely have the details, information, expenses and tips about the trip.

Lifetime Investment

As long as the bloggers’ blog is up, live, alive and updated, not only readers can read about the trip and about your business, but also people who search for services like yours will be able to read the blog post. That means a lifetime reference to your website and business from bloggers. Since bloggers do mention which hotel they stay or travel agency they hire because they usually state the total expenses for the whole trip.

I apologize if all of my samples are mostly travel related since most of the sponsors I had and have are for my travel blog, but I did have a sponsor for my tech blog where they sent me free products for me to review and publish on my blog.

Sponsoring a blogger can be costly, especially if the product and services are expensive but surely picking the right blogger will be worth it of an investment for your marketing campaigns.