Named to be One of the Top Bloggers in Cebu by ESCooped Media

August 13, 2016 – The Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) celebrated the 2nd year anniversary at the Mandani Bay. CBC is one of the fastest growing blogging community in Cebu where bloggers like me were able to share my learnings, tips, and offer a helping hand to Cebuano bloggers.

I’m actually one of the Community leads and founder of CBC on it’s first year (remember the CBC 1st year anniversary) and with that, I gave a lot of effort to the community that I forgot to push my own. So I decided to let others lead and take care of my own business for this year (at least).

I was invited to the event but being inactive to the community makes me question myself if I even deserve to be there, so I didn’t come not because of that but because my mother was not feeling well since Friday – plus I was busy catching Pokemons with my 3 niece.

So yesterday, I was able to meet up with one of the founder of CBC, friend, and Publisher of Escooped Media and told me that I should’ve been there, and handed me 3 certificates and 2 trophies – the (CBC) Founder’s Citation (2014-2015), the Top 10 Cebu Blogger Influencer for 2016, and the Cebu’s Top Travel Blogger of the Year.

Named to be One of the Top Bloggers in Cebu by ESCooped Media - Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Blogger Vlog Vlogger

All I know is that I will receive a certificate, recognizing my year of hard work as a CBC lead, but winning these awards?

To be honest I was shocked too. I did won an award before but me comparing to these bloggers in Cebu who have done more trips, more travel tips, more posts that I do, and even more known that I am, I felt like I’m not even half to what they are.

(Kuya – as what I call him) Ruben explained to me (since it was a shock to me – really, to be honest) that 15% comes from the votes within the community, 50% comes from social media and search, and I guess the remaining 35% comes from the judges. He said I beat majority of the blogs when it comes social media and search, and it made me only 6 points ahead of the runner up. He said that what they’re looking for are influencers, influencers are strong in social media and search, and that I have that.

I like this kind of system, not because I won. But because with this it’s not all about votes, likes, Alexa, maybe a 40% content but it’s more of were you able to give what your readers need and see’s you as someone for that kind of source in the niche? It’s not about who’s the best writer, who’s the best blog design, who’s got the most followers, or outfit, but who’s the best influencer in the niche – and I’m not really saying that I am, still unsure that I am Cebu’s top travel blogger up to now.

But with this, I’d like to thank everyone for the support, the readers, the fans and followers (on each of social media accounts), (81 – as I’m writing this) YouTube Subscribers, friends, fellow bloggers (who believed in me and supported me in the journey), my family, and of course God. I’m so blessed these past few years, and He gave me you.

Also, an endless thanks to ESCooped Media team and CBC!

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