3 Years Result of SEO Service for a Travel Agency

March 2013 – I was working as a SEO specialist for almost 3 years, no stable job, no long term (as in more than a year clients), and need more clients not only for income but also for my SEO portfolio. Just few more months and I’ll be in my three years in service, which is usually totally a plus for the clients since I’ve survived that long, and now, I’ve survive for this (6 years) long.

I also own a travel blog, so there are these companies that do contact me for an invite to try out their latest food, tours, etc. and I’m also able to ask travel agencies if they could sponsor a tour in exchange of getting exposure on my blog. And this travel agency that I’ll talk about with you is a travel agency that I’ve got through blogging, asking for an exposure on my blog and then they’ve realized that they’ve been looking for someone like me – a SEO specialist.

So I did come to their city, meet, and discuss what they should expect from me, my services, what’s the future of their business if they do have a SEO campaign started through me, and other common questions and concerns of a SEO client.
3 Years Result of SEO Service for a Travel Agency gay aida dumaguing cebu seo specialist philippines
I was very confident that I could help them in making their business into a success, they’re very kind people and they do seem to need the help, and I love helping, and I love it more because I’m also going to make money from it.

They did hire me, worked on their SEO campaigns up to today. I’ve been working with this travel agency for almost 3 years now, and they’re seem to be happy of the output of SEO service I’m providing.

Let me share with you, the data that I was able to gather for the past 3 years, data that will show how their business was able to grow with the help of SEO. And if you’re a business owner, or even a travel agency owner, this will show you why you should invest in marketing your business online, getting a website, a well-designed website, and start a SEO campaign for your business.

3 Years Result of SEO Service for a Travel Agency SEO results Cebu Philippines
The important thing to notice there are the Unique Visitors, Page Views, Bounce Rate and Percent of New Visitors, why?

Because Unique visitors, are visitors that are using different device, therefore, there’s a higher chance that they’re a total different person. Page views on the other hand, since the company is a travel agency, and a travel agency have tour packages, if there are a lot of viewed pages, that means these visitors have viewed a number of packages on their website and are actually interested in booking the tour with them. Bounce Rate is important that it should be low, because it means there are few visitors that leaves immediately to the website without checking out other pages on the website. Meanwhile, the percent of new visits is also important because we want more new customers, more new tourists to book a tour with us.

March 2013

Is actually the first month I started working with them. Please note that they did have a previous SEO COMPANY (notice, COMPANY. I’m just a freelancer) that worked on their website. Sadly, I’m not sure why or how that they’re unable to share the data on the months that they’ve worked on the client’s website. So, I have nothing to compare it with, and just crossing my fingers that the client will have the patience and give me few months to prove to them that they’ve hired the right person.

August 2013

September is the best month in travel, not sure why but they seem to have more visitors, more conversions in this month, and that’s why August has a better stats than March, because August is starting to rise until September.

The data provided in August 2013 is the 6 months progress, and I was so happy with this result and of course the client too.

March 2014

Notice, that we’ve more than doubled the Unique visitors after 1 year, maybe even tripled it.  By this time, I’m already almost 4 years working as a freelance SEO specialist and loving it. The clients I’m getting are also very happy with my service even behind the updates, and the worries they have about the updates, Google and all, I was able to bring them up to the ranking, send more traffic, and create more sales.

March 2015

Remember that we doubled or maybe even tripled the traffic a year after? Well, I almost doubled the traffic of the previous year, and multiply the first month into more than 5. This is a huge improvement, achievement, and actually as of now it just keep on growing.

I’ll try to update this post and include a March 2016 data, surely it will be a lot better, hopefully doubling the 2015 traffic.

Now, you might argue that the traffic does not matter, or ask if how about the conversion, do these visitors even convert to sales? I do respect my client’s privacy, so I won’t be sharing their conversions here or even privately talking, I don’t even talk about it with my friends.

But studies show, that 2.5% to 5% (or maybe a bit higher) of your traffic converts to sales - which is actually true. So, you do the math, since I don’t want to name numbers.

Note: There are some clients that you will NOT find in my portfolio due to confidentiality reasons.