SEOmoz - What Should be on Your Homepage?

What Should be on Your Homepage
I've made a couple of revamps on the sites that I've handled that I also own lately, to make it more SEO friendly, more optimize and a lot more faster than it's used to be. For me, I think it's pretty important that we do redesign our website in every a couple of years since there will surely be a new technique in making it more a lot better. Plus, a lot faster and well optimized.

With the services you have, products, information that you could share to the public and have it posted on your website, plus of course updates, which one you could and should put up? Everything?

You're not alone, I've been struggling on that too. It takes me months sometimes to really finalize the data and of course the new design of the website. It's hard to think what the visitors want and needs from you to convert this traffic to sales.

Yes, as a SEO specialist I believe it's still part of my task and job scope to be able to understand and make correction on the web designer's website design - actually improve the design, visually for the users and internally for the search engines.

What Should be on Your Homepage?

In 2014, what do you think your website should look like? There's a new way to impress your visitors every now and then, so with that you have a lot of choices and options to put up on your website. There are a lot of skilled designer out there who could do things that you need to be included on your website, especially your homepage so better study and find out what your visitors want to see first to be able to make them avail your services or purchase your product.

Luckily, we can have these a couple of great tips from Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz who shares a couple of ideas and tips on what you should put up on your website. Check it out!

Our aim in making a great website, and of course at least a good homepage is that being able to make everything easier for your website visitors to go around  your site. Providing them the information they need in a page and passing or letting them easily navigate throughout your website.