What’s Your Website Ranking?

What’s Your Website Ranking Gay Aida Dumaguing SEO services SEO Specialist Philippines
There are confusions on what is ranking and where the ranking of their website is. Some are really confident that their website is ranking #10 when it’s actually on the page 10, which means the ranking is somewhere 91-100.

But there are some clients of course that are not sure where the said rank 1 to 10.
So I’ve decided to create a video explaining and showing where you can find your ranking when your SEO specialist says you’re ranking this and that. So as your SEO specialist Philippines let me show you where and how to find your website ranking, watch it here!

In summary, the first page contains 10 websites sometimes there are some maps, images, and ads are added but there are always 10 websites ranking organically. Therefore, each page contains 10 rankings, and the first page should be your aim to rank on.

As for how you can rank, there are a number of considerations for it but surely you must get a SEO service to help you rank for your target keywords. Through the service there will be someone that will be able to help you get your website optimize, gain links, create content, and of course get more traffic for your website.

Ranking your website may take months, and some even years. SEO is not magic even for me as your SEO services Philippines provider with 8 years of experience, which means it does not take effect immediately, tomorrow, next week, or sometimes even next month. SEO specialists like me don’t work for Google. So we don’t have any control on what changes search engines like Google make, or how our clients are cooperative in making changes on the website.

In the future I’ll also be explaining while you should aim to rank at the first page, which is from ranking 1 to 10. So if you have any questions about ranking please feel free to ask it through the comments section below or through my YouTube channel, and please don’t forget to subscribe!