My Top 8 Social Media Websites

My Top 8 Social Media Websites
A lot of my friends wonder that it seems that it is necessary for me to update my social media accounts and have social media accounts. Do I want to be famous, well-known or do I just want them to be envy at me?

Well, dear friends and readers, I feel like it’s a must update for me and must have for me the social media sites because it’s my only living (instant) proof to the clients who wish to hire me for a job that I do really exist. Updating it with my (almost) everyday life, happenings and events will at least give the impression to my clients that the person they’re contacting do have a life and is alive and do exist.

Another reason is that, well, obviously I do also use this to promote my blog, myself and of course my client’s products and services.

Now, as for my list of social media sites they’re actually just 8, there can be more but then again these social media websites are MY top social media sites. I’m not depending on how much is their Alexa rank or traffic have but it’s basically basing on how many people I “think” and noticed using these sites. So basically, these are my personal list of most popular social media sites for 2014 which are the following:


Obviously, the most used and the top social media site is Facebook. A lot of people do use Facebook to stay connected, be connected and be updated with the people who they know and want to get to know. People love their features, functionality but then again they’re having a lot of PAID changes that may make some Facebook users back off.

Though it’s the top social media website today, there’s still room for improvement but still everything that Facebook have now satisfies their users so that will do.


I love Twitter, but as I’ve mentioned on a post “How to Use Twitter” I didn’t get it at first why I have to publicly update people with my personal life. But now, obviously I love it. Having more than 10,000 tweets already tells you that!

What I think people love Twitter is that anyone can feel famous, be connected with a total stranger with the same interest and be connected with famous people – having a greater chance to get the attention of the celebrity that you love.


As a professional SEO specialist, I love joining social media sites like these. You’ll be able to find fellow professionals, professionals that are more likely have the same interest and field with you.

What I love with this site is that there are also people from companies who are most likely from the HR who’ll be able to find you and can contact you for a great opportunity, which had happened to me a couple of times. So for job seekers or for people who are open for a greener field, join in!


Who doesn’t love Instagram? I think everyone love taking photos and be a photographer of their own and share it with everyone. One great thing about this is that you’ll be able to connect your Instagram to your other social media sites especially your Flickr account. Updating your 6 social media account from one social media site.


I love blogging, I love sharing. Tumblr is another social media site where you could get the chance to blog at the same time. But my problem with Tumblr is that I can’t (or just don’t know) how to monetize it using ads. But then again, I’m still using it and connected with my Instagram account.

Google Plus

You might wonder why I put it on the 6th spot, but the thing is I think it’s not that popular. Though it’s owned by Google, the thing is we’re so used of Facebook that most of us may prefer Facebook. But don’t get me wrong, I love Google Plus including their functions and security and their invites (on groups) which is not on Facebook.


What I love about Pinterest is that their boards, totally unique from other social media sites which I think the reason why there are a lot of people trying to copy their platform. Yes, there are a lot of similar sites existing that is surely and obviously a copy of the design of Pinterest.

What I like about Pinterest is that if I want a photo, I can just go there. I mean photos and collections that I just want to laugh at and share.


Badges! That’s what I love about FourSquare. As a travel blogger, it’s really great that I’ll be able to share to everyone where I was at and be able to share some tips via FourSquare.

I think it’s important for a social media website to create a mobile version and/or an app. Especially these days that a lot of people are using their smartphones and prefer to work on their smartphone or tab than their desktops. So making it easier for the users to use and access the site can surely help you be one of the top social media sites for the upcoming years.