What is SEO?

You’ll be able to read all about SEO online, a number of people, SEO experts, websites, etc. have all discussed about what it is. But majority of these articles and discussions are way too technical for someone who doesn’t have any knowledge about SEO or have heard about SEO for the first time.

So I decided to make a video about it on my YouTube Channel and try to explain it in a simple and easy way to understand…which is by showing what is it.

In this video I’m discussing what a “search engine” is and show you if you’ve experienced the effect of SEO already or not.

“SEO is a way to rank your website on search engines like Google, for keywords relevant to your website to be able to be searchable, found, and get website visitors to get more customers”

After watching on what is SEO, I hope you at least have the idea about it and you are able to understand what it is. It’s the only way that I hope I’m not too technical for you to understand.

If you’re interested about this kind of topics, I suggest you go ahead and subscribe to my channel and feel free to comment what are your questions and even do suggest topics so we can discuss it and I’ll try to make it be explained as easy as possible to be understood well by people who have never heard about it.

On the next topic about SEO, I’ll be sharing to you why SEO is important, why you should implement and have search engine optimization done for your website, especially for your business website. We got a bit of hint on why SEO is important through discussing what is SEO, but on the next video I’ll make we’ll discuss it and I’ll show you the possibility of the benefits in implementing and starting your SEO campaign through hiring or getting a SEO service to start that campaign.

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