Digital Marketing Trends of 2014

Though 2014 is almost over and probably you're thinking that it might be too late for me to share with you, then again this can be a great way for you to find out and compare your marketing campaigns with the current trends. This may also help you plan your 2015 marketing campaign, since we have data from the rising sites.

This video of LGCGMarketing which show case the 2014 Digital Marketing trends is a 1 minute and 52 seconds long video, short but it gives you enough data to plan and compare your marketing campaigns.

In the video, you'll be able to get the best marketing trend that you can use for your business and/or areas that you can totally improve and focus more. From improving your website to your social media accounts, you can totally learn a lot from this video in a short time.

So here are a couple of tips from me to you.

Content Marketing

If you have a site, it's really important these days that you'll add or add more content to update your site. Not just for the sake of the freshness update, but also adding more internal links within your site. Content is also really important when it comes to search engine optimization, and as a SEO specialist it's best to provide and publish the best quality content; not only for your site but also to sites that you're linked with or building links at.

Mobile Marketing

There are a lot of people who do prefer or do check out more often sites via their mobile; since it's more accessible and faster. The best way to update and still within the trend, is that to have a responsive design of your website. Which means that whatever type of gadget - smartphone or tablet - that your visitor use, it automatically change its layout that fits to the users gadget.

Local Marketing

If your offering local services, it's best if you include or do local marketing for your business. I have clients who have made me do this and they have all been more successful and get more traffic from local marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not for all, it's more ideal for businesses who who have something to sell or service to offer within their local area. Like for example, a restaurant or a digital printing business. If you're planning to use Pinterest, Pinterest has a huge market for women (since most of its users are women) but it's ideal if your selling products.

Video Marketing

I've done a couple of video marketing for my clients and even for myself. I usually use YouTube but it's highly advised that you use other video sites.