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My name is Gay Aida

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I started working online since 2009 as an Internet Researcher, and that's when I got curious on how search engine works. In September of 2010 I started my SEO training. Since then, I've been doing SEO service to clients here in the Philippines and abroad. Now, I've been working as a SEO specialist for almost 7 years, and offering Social Media Management for 4 years.Do you have an online marketing needs for your business?


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I provide SEO services for entreprenuers who needs and wants their business to be found on search engines like Google. (Know More)

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B.S. Information Technology

University of Cebu - Banilad
Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu Philippines

San Agustin Institute of Technology

High School
Valencia City, Bukidnon

Bukidnon Faith Christian School Inc.

Valencia City, Bukidnon


SEO Specialist

September 2010 - Present


Internet Researcher

2009- June 2010

Hotels Combined (Australia)

Marketing Manager Assistant (OJT)


Globe Telecom (Cebu)

Computer Maintenance

2006 - 2009

Interneconnectivity Computer Solutions



Onsite Optimization 90%
Offsite Optimization 95%
Local SEO 85%


Development 85%
Design 80%
Optimization 90%

Social Media

Facebook 85%
Twitter 80%
Instagram 75%










5 Months SEO Result for an Australian Custom Closet Company

Few years ago an Australian company contacted me to avail my SEO service for their custom closet company based in Sydney. I’m actually directly reporting to the company owner herself who was really awesome but if you asked, just 5 months?

Though she was happy with my service, she met a website developer who’s apparently at the same time a SEO specialist based there in Australia. Since she preferred to work with someone who’s from there, she decided to end my service and go for that guy.

I’m heart broken since I’ve invested a lot and have already got plans for the whole year for the campaign and have organizing their website. But this is a great example for clients who wants to ask what to expect in a few months of work.

First let me say, SEO is not a magic. It doesn’t work overnight. I also don’t guarantee that you’ll have this same growth for your website, but at least you have an idea.

In the table below the column with a RED top row is the month that I haven’t started with them. The first month is after a month I worked with them. Though I have the data for the whole 5 months, I won’t be sharing all 5 months since I believe this would be enough to show you what to expect for the first 6 months of providing my SEO service.


1st Month
3rd Month
5th Month
Percent of New Visits
Returning Visitors

On the first month, we immediately have a 26.72% increase of traffic on the website, showing more new visitors on the website, which basically tells there are more people finding them. In just 5 months it shows more than 100% of traffic increase on their website, and unique visitors.


1st Month
3rd Month
5th Month

Organic Search
Paid Search

Now let’s check where the website traffic or the visitors are coming from. Though it might not sound enough, in just 5 months the traffic from search engine's (organic search) more than doubled. And as you can see majority of its traffic is from search, even though there’s a paid campaign, there’s social media, people who is looking for her services through search engines contributes more traffic.


Keyword Ranking
1st Month
3rd Month
5th Month
keyword 1
keyword 2
keyword 3
keyword 4
keyword 5

I won’t be revealing what keywords they have but these is just 5 of the keywords that we made a campaign. As you can see they’re starting to gain ranking in just few months. Not because I work like magic, but there are a lot of contributors with it wherein one of them is that her niche is very specific.

Now, basing to the data I’ve shared, the more they rank, the more traffic they get, the more they have people go to their website who is specifically looking for her services. I’ve got the feeling that if only I was able to work with her on the 6th month SEO result I could’ve shown you a triple increase of their traffic in just 6 months.

This result is not the same with all my clients, but they have all something in common, they do get an increase, they do get more people finding them, they do get results. There may be just months that are low and that’s just simply due to low on demand - or in this case, in terms of number of people looking for their service on that month.

If you think you only need a 6 months SEO work done, you’re wrong. It’s a competitive world out there and there will be business owners, website owners like you one day who wants to out rank you. So if you stop doing SEO, you’ll surely be outranked one day.

Though I was heart broken about this project, I am happy that she did continue in having the SEO done on her website and not just like “I’m happy now, let me go” kind of thing.
5 Months SEO Result for an Australian Custom Closet Company gay aida dumaguing cebu seo specialist in the philippines vlogger blog

Choosing the Right Keywords to Rank

We’ve already discussed about ARE KEYWORDS MADE UP BY YOUR SEO SPECIALIST since just few months ago, a client thought I was just making up these keywords. So let’s continue talking about keywords, and this time, it’s all about on choosing the right keyword to target for SEO.
Please note that this technique is for SEO and not PPC (pay per click - paid ads), though they have similarities, what is best for SEO may not be ideal for PPC campaigns that you’ll want to start for your online marketing.

So on our previous topic about keywords, I’ve shared and used this same table as an example. In this topic, this is not the ideal sample since it’s too broad - best if we’re more specific like for example “bangkok thailand hotel” or if you can be more specific the keyword “bangkok thailand hotel with swimming pool” is also great. But let’s just say this is what we’re targeting and the keywords we want.

Search Volume
Number of Results
bangkok thailand
thailand bangkok
bangkock thailand

Before anything else, let me explain about our columns.
  • Keyword – as explained above, these are words or set of words that are entered to the search engine by its users.
  • Search Volume – this is actually the average search volume per month. Therefore, there are months that it can be more than that, or less. Depending on the search trend.
  • Number of Results – the number of pages of websites are shown when the keyword is entered. In other words, those are the number of competitors we have for those keywords.
So, as you noticed, all keywords are actually referring to one same place, the capital of Thailand, Bangkok Thailand. But these three (3) keywords are constructed differently, even misspelled.
  1. The first keyword “Bangkok Thailand” has the highest search volume. Of course, it’s how you really type or write it in, that’s the proper way to put it, and majority of the users do it.
  2. The second keyword “Thailand Bangkok” can be those users who entered “Thailand” first, and then later on added “Bangkok” to be more specific about the destination – and don’t deny it, we all do that. Sometimes I even enter “chocolate” then add “Hershey’s” after that if I want to be more specific. It’s not proper, but search engines understand what you need because of the words you use.
  3. Obviously Bangkok is misspelled on this keyword. Not all of us are perfect. I even use the search engine sometimes to know the correct spelling of the word.

Which Keyword to Choose?

So with this data, how do you choose the best keyword for you to start? Here’s how!

With my years of experience in providing SEO service to clients around the globe, the best keywords are those low on competition and high in search volume, but not all keywords are like that. There are a number of keywords that are high in search volume, but also high in competition, and there are that are low in competition but also low in search volume.

The second thing you’ll then check is choosing the keywords that are high to average in search volume and at least average in competition.

But nothing in this life is really perfect, there are keywords that a client would love to rank but again it’s both high on competition and volume which means a lot of time needed to rank on the keyword and effort to do since there are a lot competitors for that keyword that have been around a long time ranking for that keyword.

As an experienced SEO Specialist myself, I don’t discourage you to rank on those type of keywords, since if you’ll ever get a ranking on those type of keywords it totally is worth it but again, don’t expect it to be quick to rank. But I highly don't advice for you to try to rank on misspelled keywords like the 3rd keyword, if it does have at least a good search volume you'll be also ranking on that keyword if you're doing great and ranking on the 1st and/or 2nd keyword.
Choosing the Right Keywords to Rank gay aida dumaguing cebu seo specialist in the philippines vlogger blog

1 Brand, Multiple Websites

1 Brand, Multiple Websites Cebu Philippines SEO Specialist Blogger Social Media Manager
Working as a SEO specialist for 7 years you see the changes, the growth, and the trend in search engine optimization as the years go by. But one of the things that some business owners or even some SEOs use that (is for me) out of trend anymore, is that a company having multiple websites.
Few months ago, a prospective client contacted me. He’s based from Australia and he want to hire me for a fix rate of around Php20,000 I believe, and he wants me to manage and rank his 5 websites.

Wherein, 4 of those websites is about his wedding photography service for different parts in Australia. For example, 1 for Adelaide, 1 for Sydney, 1 for Perth, and 1 for Queens. But all of the websites are referring to him, his wedding photography service. The other website was his upcoming photography competition.

Is it Right to Have Multiple Websites for 1 Brand?

I do get the logic why they make 1 website on each area, but all of those 4 websites are on different names that you wouldn’t know that they’re the same, or a sister company of the other.

Maybe one of the logic is to be able to rank locally for each area, that, I understand. Cool.
Another maybe is that to be able to say that they’re from that area – but really, they’re based in Sydney.

And of course, the other is to give link to the other to boost the other.

But it all comes down to one thing, Where’s the branding?

These days, it’s all about the branding. Will it be also weird if you say “hey I’m Gay Aida Dumaguing, the photographer for Company 1 in Manila, Company 2 in Cebu, Company 3 from Davao…” and it’s also so confusing. Would it be better to say “Hi! My name is Gay, and I’m a photographer, you may visit my website at mywebsite.com and see my work samples, I offer photography services in Cebu, Manila, and Davao.” You can then insert a joke that “basically, I’m your all around photographer…”

It’s more clear who you are, what your brand is, and what you do, that you’re not only a photographer for a specific region, but to a number of regions.

But I want to specifically target a region by having the region name on the URL!

One of the reasons why do businesses do this is that they want to target a specific region by using the keyword with a region name on the website URL. For example “bestphotographerManila.com” sure, that could work, sure that helps with SEO, but again we come back to branding.

Let me ask you this, will that name or brand name mark your customers mind? I don’t even remember the websites I’ve visited when I’m looking for something, how much more of you don’t leave a name on your brand that will really mark your customers mind?

If you really want to do this, you can just make a website, and take advantage of the subdomain. Like this site of mine for example, instead of making a new site “PhilippinesSEOSpecialist.com” I made it to “resume.gadumaguing.com”, because people I meet ask my resume, and it’s easier for me to just say just go to my website and click “resume”.

In our example (the photography) we can just make “manila.yourname.com” which makes your potential customers remember your name, your name is your brand, and in the subdomain of Manila, you can then state there what you offer for your potential customers in Manila.

With this, still referring to 1 brand, it is multiple websites, but it’s easier to browse, easier to remember.

Some people are just reading too much SEO articles that they forgot about branding and marketing.
In terms of SEO, you’ll just spending a lot of money since you’ll have to optimize for each website. And if you’ll hire a SEO company or a freelancer like me who charge per website, and you have 5 websites, it will surely be costly for you and the effect is just the same if you’re having 1 website.

5 Reason’s Why I don’t Exclusively Work for Someone

5 Reason’s Why I don’t Exclusively Work for Someone work for me and only me outsourcing to the philippines freelance work from home Cebu SEO Specialist gay aida dumaguing

Just these past few weeks I got a number of job offers, but they’re either not just a match for me or they ask me to exclusively work for them as their company’s SEO specialist.

I know I can just lie and say “yes, I’ll work for you full-time and only you” even if I’m not, but I want to stay honest and true to my clients. I don’t like lying, and every time you lie you need to find an excuse on every loophole which can be frustrating if you’re working.

As a SEO specialist for almost 7 years now, it’s not practical for me to just work exclusively for someone when I can get more, and here are my reasons why.


Majority of these companies who wish to hire me have working hours, and since majority of them are from the US, UK, or Australia it will be a graveyard shift for my side here in the Philippines. And as someone who have friends working as a call center agent and working on those kinds of shift, and a sister in the medical field, I didn’t want to risk my health.

Plus, the pay is not different if I work day time or on flexible hours.


Since they usually have working hours, or even if you can work on flexible hours, they want to ensure that you’re actually working on their website(s) on the said number of hours they want you to work for them.

When I started working online, I was working for a company with working hours, with tracker, and paid hourly. With that I develop a really bad habit of checking the time every 30 minutes. Can you just imagine me out with friends? Looking like in a hurry or need to go somewhere. Since then, I reject the jobs that wants time tracker.


These people pay your entire knowledge and skills all at once, so you must provide your salary not just as a SEO if they want to take advantage of your other skills. The problem is, if you give a higher rate, and because their mindset is that Filipino’s work cheap, they won’t go for your rate. They want one job scope rate, for a big job scope.

If you’ll be able to clarify your job scope, and got a fix rate only for that. That’s good, but as someone who’s working online, is that practical to be just working and getting the source of income from one?


With my current arrangements with my existing client(s) I charge per website. I can work on each website equivalent to full-time and part-time, if I have more than 2 clients I usually just ask someone to write the tasks that takes a lot of my time. With this, I can get more websites, more clients, more income. But don’t get me wrong, I do control the number of websites I accept to keep the quality of service I provide.


I think this is the main reason why I don’t like to exclusively work for someone.

As someone who have 99% of my clients outside from the Philippines, they can totally fire me anytime. Even with a contract. Yes, I can go after them. But it would cost me more to go after them, than just getting another job.

Imagine if I only work for someone for a Php20,000/month job where I am able to pay my expenses – groceries, bills, and savings. Do you think if they’ll fire me I could easily get another client? No.
Clients are not always there, not all clients are a match for me. So just to be practical I always have another client on the side just in case the other wants to quit.

Funny thing is, some clients wants you to take care of their 5 websites for a price of 1. If they’re a SEO company, they’re either just want to get rich and get more out of you, or they just don’t know that we here in the Philippines is not that cheap.

As of the moment I accept by project, I charge per website, per month. Not all wants this kind of arrangement, but a client or employer who thinks about their employee and not that greedy are totally cool with this kind of arrangement. And all of my clients are super cool!


Here are a few of my previous and some current clients. Not all are published.

Her website is about motivating her readers to be more fit. Her success story? Through SEO a brand found her online through our keyword and hired her as a model for a product and shoot an advertisement with them in the US.

Bridget Taylor


This car rental company based in Cebu is now one of the preferred and premier car rental company in Cebu.

Cebu Trip Rent a Car


They're now the top travel agency in Cebu, getting more bookings than other travel agencies. From getting an average of 900 visits a month, they're now getting an average of 6,000 visits a month.

Cebu Trip Tours


It's a 6 months project that results in doubling the traffic after just 4 months.

Trevor Page


An Australian custom closet designer that has SEO done before but didn't worked out.After 6 months in working with her, I was able to double the traffic, from 800 visitors to an average of 2000 visitors a month.

Sally Hart


This is a two years project with the client. I started with them getting an average of 3,000 visitors a month, and after 2 years they're able to get an average of 15,000 visits a month. The project ended because they're happy with the ranking and want to focus more on paid marketing campaigns.

Hush Anesthetic


Gay Aida Dumaguing
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