10+ Things You May Not Know About Facebook

10 Things You May Not Know About Facebook
Most of us do use Facebook, and most of the Facebook users do at least check their Facebook account (at least) once a day. And there are actually people like me, who are on Facebook almost 24/7 – yes, even when I’m asleep I’m still online on Facebook. Not because I want to, it’s because I fall asleep (LOL).

I don’t only use Facebook in staying connected with friends, but also promote my blogs and promote my client’s business services and/or products. Social media marketing or let's just say, the social media itself is a great tool in marketing your business online, in reaching out to your potential customers and a great tool to also update your customers and/or readers with the latest news and updates about you, your blog or company.

We’ve been using this famous social media site for years now, but there might some things you don’t know YET about Facebook, such as these facts:

Things You May Not Know About Facebook

Me too, there are facts stated above that I didn’t know. Like that Peter Thiel is the co-founder of PayPal bank-rolled Facebook (so it was him?). And that thing with Australia, wow! Really?

How about you? Did you know all these? And oh, the infographic above is about 5 years old.