Monday, March 3, 2014

SEO vs Link Builder – Who to Hire?

SEO vs Link Builder Who to Hire
I’ve been getting job offers this past few days and I’ve rejected quite a number of them since I don’t think I’m fit for the job or I don’t like something that they want. So in this article, I would like to at least express why you should hire a SEO and a link builder for a job and discuss some areas that could help you decide which one to hire.

Link Builder

The title actually speaks itself, they simply build links. If you have a SEO plan ready, the type of links you wish to build to your client’s website(s), the number of links, your own strategy then it’s best to hire a link builder.

Link Builders are way cheaper compared to hiring a SEO, it’s simply because they’ll be taking care only the link building, not the website analysis, not creating a SEO plan, not creating a strategy to boost the ranking of the website.

The salary of a link builder will depend on the tasks, the website that you want them to handle. The more links of course, the more work. The more work, the higher pay they need. Most of the link builders I know are open on the price per link built, so they could be a lot cheaper.

SEO Specialist

SEO specialists like me has a bigger job scope. We don’t only take care of link building, but we also take care on onsite optimization, making your website not only search engine friendly but user friendly as well. That’s why if the site doesn’t convert, you can complain to the SEO specialist or the web designer – since there’s a flaw to the design or there’s no targeted traffic at all.

One of my problem on working for an agency, or an agency offering me a job is that they already have a SEO plan, and sadly some of the SEO plans they've prepared have a mix of a black hat or could create a footprint and could totally damage their client's website, that's why I rejected a couple of offers - I was just simply uncomfortable with the plan that they have.

I've tried to accept one once, the company owner don't want to listen to my suggestions and I end up resigning in a month. The company owner contacted me later on, a few months and found out that there are websites that have been affected due to the updates and would like to hire me back to fix it - and I rejected the offer.

This is why SEO specialists are a bit expensive than the link builders, because you’re not only paying them for the links they've built but also their knowledge, skills and tasks done to make your website gain more traffic, make more conversions and increase your sales - and that's why they could offer SEO services because they're more fully equipped compared to a link builder.

It’s best to hire a SEO specialist when you don’t know what SEO is, how to achieve ranking, have no time to study and learn SEO, or prefer someone who specialize or an expert to this job do it.

So all in all, if you have a plan, if you’re a SEO company, or just want to outsource the link building tasks then hire a link builder, have the service cheaper and the best thing is there are a lot of people who offer these services already so you have a lot of choice out there.

Then again, if you own a website and want it to rank to gain traffic and make sales, then hire a SEO specialist. Don’t have an experiment on your website, it may not only hurt your website but also your business name.

(a.k.a. G) is a SEO specialist from Cebu Philippines since 2010 of September, an award winning travel blogger, social media enthusiast, and now a YouTuber.

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