Monday, January 20, 2014

Top IT careers for 2014

Top IT careers for 2014
When I finished my degree it was hard for me to find a job, it's simply because back then all companies just want to hire experienced programmers. So there's no room for fresh grads like me. That's why I ended up online, doing basic data entry jobs, and now doing online marketing and providing SEO services.

Lucky for the fresh grads these days, a lot of the companies nowadays are open minded and are hiring fresh grads. Most of these companies are (I think) coming from other countries and came here in the Philippines to make another branch or source for their company. There are a lot of my friends or college classmates are also part of these companies, some are already outside the country and some already have a higher position in the company.

Anyway, for 2014 there are a lot of jobs that you can grab and it's very important for you to know this especially if you're still a student so that you'll be able to develop and learn in advance these skills and the skill sets needed for these jobs which are:

Top IT careers for 2014
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As a SEO specialist, I believe that the jobs listed above are right. Mobile apps are very in demand these days because of the smart phones being released in the market, and there are seldom programmers so far who are skilled in this job. Even I, myself wish that I have the training to be a Mobile app developer, it's a high paying job and very enjoyable. It feels good to see users using your app and find it really useful.

I do hope that our post for today is very useful on your career or on your plan of your future. Keep dreaming, keep on studying!

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