Top 7 Famous Cebu Blogger of 2013

Cebu Top Blogs of Best Cebu Bogs Awards 2013
I own now a total of 4 sites, one of it is a travel blog and this site is mainly for my resume but I also want to update it with blog posts - totally helps with the SEO.

As you can see in the home page, I was nominated on year 2011 for Best Travel Blogger of Best Cebu Blogs Awards and being a nominee itself is such an honor for me.

This year, I was again nominated for Best Travel Blogger and for the Cebu Top Blogs of Best Cebu Bogs Awards 2013. The awards night was held at the Avalon Building, Cebu Business Park on Saturday, December 7, 2013 and I was thinking twice to come over at first (since I felt that I wont win anything) but I did come over.

Gladly, I made it (better late than never) because my blog and I is recognized as the Top 7 Famous Cebu Blogger for the year 2013. As for the rest of the top 10 bloggers here are the list as released by Best Cebu Blogs Awards:
For the top 10, from, Mr. Orville Tadle
For the top 9, from, Ms. Alexa Martin
For the top 8, from, Mr. Ken Michael Jon Taarup
For the top 7, from, Ms. Gay Aida Dumaguing
For the top 6, from, Mr. Edwin Castillon
For the Top 5, from, Mr. James arnold nogra
For the Top 4, from, Mr. Evanjohnn Mendoza
For the Top 3, from, Mr. Leylan Romarate
For the Top 2, from, Mr. Rodrick P. Guarin
For the Top 1, from , Mr. Enje Godinez

As for the winners per niche, here are the complete list of winners by niche as released by Best Cebu Blogs Awards:

Best Cebu Events/Entertainment Blogger :
Mr. Philip Andrew Mayol of

Best Cebu Personal Blogger :
Dr. Narciso Tapia of

Best Cebu Photo Blogger :
Mr. Leylan Romarate of

Best Cebu Travel Blogger :
Mr. Edwin Castillon of

Best Cebu Technology Blogger :
Jose Farrugia of

Best Cebu Food Blogger :
Marco Diala of

Best Cebu Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger :
Alexa Martin of

It's such an honor to be recognized on something you love to do (even if I just started blogging in order to improve my writing skills and practice my SEO skills). And I would like to grab this chance to thank everyone who read, like, and love what I do.