Getting Started with Google Analytics

Getting Started with Google Analytics
Just few days ago, I got an email from Google Analytics (GA) about their upcoming course which they call the Google Analytics Platform Principles. To be honest, I am not even aware that before this course there was a course already existed called the Digital Analytics Fundamentals. SEO for 3 years and I was not aware of this, but I was totally aware that there's a GA certification but was not aware of this free course that anyone can take.

I'm one of the subscriber of GA on YouTube and today I found this video on their channel about "Getting Started with Google Analytics (Webinar)" that I think will be worth it to share to everyone and anyone who's reading this blog.

Why watch this 47 minutes and 56 seconds video?

If you have a website or plan to take the road as a SEO specialist, I think this video will help you understand the importance in tracking your website traffic, the activities of your website visitors and of course monitor your conversions.

Even if you're a business owner, or a website owner, you could totally understand this video. I think that's their aim but then, this webinar was way back in 2012 and they've already made a couple of changes on the UI (User Interface - what the user sees), but at least you'll be able to understand what GA's all about and how we use them.

If you can't understand the terms, or find it hard to watch this video, I suggest you go and check out the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course of the Google Analytics Academy - which is totally free. But then the certifcates is not available anymore due to the upcoming new course they're having.

I'm almost done with the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course, and I've learned a lot more than what I already know and understand the flow, the terms, and almost everything on GA's result. I'm just simply preparing myself for the new course, so I don't have to Google the other terms they'll be using.

So here's the video I'm taking about, it's a bit long but worth to watch.