Why is SEO Important?

There are still those potential clients who get in touch with me that are hesitant on having their website optimized, and hire me as their SEO specialist. So they ask me questions on the importance of having their website, that when they Google their website, their website is ranking.

Why is SEO Important? Why you need SEO?
If you’re one of those clients, no worries, it’s not a problem. Even here in my country, in the Philippines though there are a number of social media marketers and SEO specialists like me, there are only FEW business owners who do appreciate and even implement SEO on their website. Some don’t even at least hire a professional social media marketer to manage their fan page, they just do it themselves and update it like their own personal Facebook account.

So, I decided to make a video about the importance of SEO for businesses who wants to have their official website or already have their website.

Your potential customers go online to look for the product or service that they need, they’re looking for car rentals, travel agency, hotels, suppliers, and even SEO services. Imagine when your customer is looking for you, you show up! You can then introduce yourself to these customers who have never heard of you, or customers who have heard of you that may just need a reminder that you have that certain product or service, or they don’t know that you now offer that certain product or service that they are looking for.

Sure, your website appears when you Google your company name, but does your business appear at least on the first page when you try to search for the product or service you have? Sometimes you might be using a different keyword, comparing to a regular potential customer. Like instead of using a scientific name for your product, your customers use a generic name – a lot of clients have been so wrong about it.

Not only that you’d be able to introduce your business when customers are looking for your business, but also when there’s a relevant topic to your business. Like for example, when someone is looking more information about San Francisco tourist spots, and your business is a travel agency, you can then write on your business blog about the top tourist spots in San Francisco, and then mention on that post that you are a travel agency that do have these tours. Even if you’re a car rental company in San Francisco, you can do this, since they may want to rent a car from you if they want to tour around.

So imagine, if there’s at least 1,000 average searches a month on your business product or service, on a single product or service. Imagine getting at least 1% of that a month to sales.