5 Things You Can Learn from my SEO Service Client for 3 Years

I’m referring to the travel agency that I’ve worked with for 3 years, the travel agency that I talked about to my “3 Years Result of SEO Service for a Travel Agency” article – the article before this. If you haven’t read that one yet, the go ahead and read it, and go back here!

5 Things You Can Learn from my SEO Service Client for 3 Years Travel Agency Cebu Philippines SEO Specialist

Patience is a Virtue

Working as a SEO specialist for almost 6 years, you’re able to work with different clients, encounter different expectations, sometimes unrealistic expectations. I don’t work for Google, or even friends with Google (I hope or even wish we are) though I do attend or do volunteer on Google events (because I love the swags).

Don’t expect that SEO is just a week thing, or you just need it for a month. Sure, you might see results on a month, but you could totally have MORE if you just invest and have the patience.

SEO Company is NOT ALWAYS the Best!

I did mention that this travel agency have worked with a SEO company before. That SEO company is still around, but basing on the traffic they client gets from their services, it’s not a great service. I was able to do more with their 3 years working with the client in just 6 months.

SEO company might be better to go for someone like me, a freelancer. But it’s not just a matter of working with a company or a one man team, but it’s a matter of hiring the right person for the job. A person who will surely do the job.

SEO’s Worth it!

They were not that big when I started with this company, and now they’re considered as one of the best travel agency to go to in their area. By just investing and having the patience with SEO, they’re able to grow their business faster and better, and greater.

But don’t get me wrong, SEO is not for every single website. Ideally, for me, SEO is best for websites that have to sell something – e.g. products and/or services. If your website is a blog or a website that has nothing to sell, but just to share, and you’re just earning through ads or paid opportunities, then SEO is totally expensive for you.

SEO’s Winter IS NOT Coming

I’ve been also to webinars by marketing guru’s and I do keep on hearing “SEO is a trick” or “SEO is dead” or “SEO does not work” and that’s because it’s not YOUR OWN PRODUCT/SERVICE. You’re most likely just reselling it. And buyers these days are smart, why go through you when they can get it directly to the producer or maker of the product?

There are a lot to consider before deciding on hiring a SEO, the important part is: are you going to earn more than what you spend for the marketing campaign (e.g. SEO) ?

Stopping Means Giving Up

There are a lot of SEO client’s that I’ve been with decided to stop the SEO campaign because they feel like they’ve already reached the goal. They’re ranking well, getting the ideal traffic they want, and all.

Please note, that SEO is a competition, we’re competing out there in behalf of you. Once you tell us to stop doing what we do, is the same when you want us to stop running in a marathon. You stop competing, and surely someone else will overtake you.

Before ending the service, I always warn the clients with this because I don’t want to pick up the pieces later – and yes, someone did ask me back to do again the SEO service on their website, and I rejected it.

There are actually a lot more you can learn from this client, I have other clients I can talk to you more about and I’m really proud of them and how I was able to help their business grow.

Do you have a business you want to grow? Then do contact me, I do offer free consultation, I’m online almost 24/7, and do reply within 24 hours. My SEO service might be cheaper than SEO companies in your area, but it’s in great quality – well, the 3 years result of the client we’ve talked about here speaks for it.