Google Panda 4.2 Refresh July 2015 - What You Need To Know

Google Panda 4.2 Refresh July 2015 - What You Need To Know
Google is the one search engine that everyone is trying to rank in. However, Google has made so many updates that it is nearly impossible for people to keep up with the changes, and as a SEO specialist myself I should keep up with it too. This is when people should know more about the changes Google made in 2015 to their Panda program that has been in use to help improve the rankings of the search engines and make it a marketers nightmare to get the rankings they need. By knowing about these changes, it is going to be easy for you to know what changes you need to make.

Mobile updates is one of the primary things that you are going to need to know about. When the search engines were updated this time for Google, it made a big emphasis on having a website that is mobile friendly to be ranked. While most people think they are going to be able to keep their website ranked. While this makes perfect sens for most marketers, you need to realize it is going to be invaluable for you to know how not having a mobile friendly website is going to negatively impact your website and keep you from ranking in the search engines.

The time frame for this Panda roll out is completely different than what you normally would be seeing. With most of the updates going on for Panda they are taking place over a couple of days. However, this is an update that Google has started to roll out and will take several months to implement. So you will not see some of the impact of the changes right away. Instead, you will see the changes are going to come over a time period you may not expect to have in play.

Queries are what was affected this time by the update. While most people never think about this it is going to be a small percentage of the search results that are impacted. The results that were impacted for the queries in this update is going to be showing for more of the results that are in two to three percent of the search results. So the amount of websites that are impacted by the update is going to be significantly lower than what people expect to see.

Update changes were made that are not going to allow people to have time to make a change to the quality of their website before they are going to become set in stone. While most people think this is going to be a good thing to do, they need to realize this is not the case. With this update, people will have to make the changes for the quality that is needed and then wait until the next update for the changes they have made to make any type of impact on the search results they are going to have in the search engines.

Content is still going to be judged carefully by Google to see how well the content is doing. With this update, Google has started to refine even more the update that is going to keep the content as king phrase in the minds of everyone who runs a website. So people will need to make sure the content they have is quality and not full of spam. The update has started to target more of the specific spam websites that are seen and this is making it nearly impossible for people to get quality information. So the thin websites are going to be hit hard by the update.

Content relation to the website and pages is something else which people need to consider. While most of the time a website will have only content that is related to their title, some people do not know about this information and will post almost any information on a website, even if it is not related to what the post is about. This in turn is going to lead to the website not ranking as high because they are thinner and do not have content that is related to what the post is about. For example, a camping website that is posting content that is linking out to a website on house cleaning would not rank as high as a camping website that is full of content on camping and all the links are related to camping.

When you are trying to get your website to rank well in the search engines is very difficult to do. This is when you should know about the Google Panda update in 2015 and the changes it is making. However, even knowing these changes may not be enough to help you in getting your website to rank higher in the search engines right away, because of the way this update is being rolled out.