10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Can’t Ignore Social Media

I've been checking the fan pages of the local stores here in Cebu if they've been taking advantage of the social media, and of course offer them my social media marketing service. Some did make an official fan page and twitter but doesn't bother much about it. They either don't have a fan page at all, or they do but nothing's going on - no updates.

So maybe you're one of these business owners that does not appreciate social media yet, so hopefully this infographic I found will be helpful for you and help you understand the importance of social media these days.

Though the data below is based in the UK, it's still applicable to any businesses. Weather you're a restaurant, travel agency, car rental company or even a flower shop, your business could totally make use and take advantage of the power of the social media.

10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Cant Ignore Social Media
10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Can’t Ignore Social Media by Jason Squires.

There are a lot of people like me who is either looking for a business official social media accounts via Facebook, or Google your official website and check out your social media accounts. Some people sends their inquiry via your website contact page, and some do make use of your fan page and contact you there instead.