Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Facebook Comments Got Some Stickers!

Facebook Comments Got Some Stickers
I’ve been slowly teaching my Mama on using Facebook since it’s been really useful for me and my whole family these past months – since we bought our Mama her own tablet. It’s now our main way to communicate, joke around, bond and update (mostly tease and make fun of) each other.

I just taught my Mama how to use the stickers yesterday on using the stickers since she now knows and do use “LOL” and “OMG” – which is cute for a 60 years old woman to use.

Facebook Comments Got Some Stickers

Today, I noticed that the Facebook stickers are now available and can be used on Facebook comments!

Facebook Comments Got Some Stickers

I’ve read my friend’s status and I noticed that the same options when typing a private message (PM) on Facebook got similar features. They’ve added the option to upload a photo on the comments section few months back – or it was just few months ago that I noticed it – and it’s a lot cooler that the stickers can now be used on comments since I really love the Tuzki stickers because he’s cute and he can move.
Is this a call for Facebook stickers makers to make more stickers? Please do make more stickers that can move! Please, pretty please!?

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