Free Blogspot vs. Free Wordpress – For Business Official Website

Free Blogspot vs Free Wordpress For Business Official Website
For the past months, or even years friends have asked me to help them in creating their very own website. I don’t have the luxury to just donate my time (time is gold you know) and to some who can’t afford a few bucks to have their own site be customized, I just leave them tips. And to some, who are very serious with what they do and they really want to brand themselves, they did hire me.

Yes, I'm doing this other than the SEO service I do with my current clients. So, the charge is different  and not included in the SEO service that I'm doing.

But then, I have to reject some since I have limitations on what I can do with the website since they’re using the free platforms.

But then, we’re talking about using free website platforms for official business website. Some may say, I’m crazy, well, a bit. Really, just a bit. But there are actually business owners that are in a really tight budget and could not afford to spend thousands of pesos for a website.

Let me give you the PROS and CONS of these two (2) known free platforms.
Can custom domain
Coding skills
User friendly
Can’t Upload Theme
Limited widgets
Can’t Upload Plugins
Hosted by Google
Limited Control on design
Updated platform
Account Suspension
Secured by Google

Hosted by Wordpress
No access to CMS
Access to CMS

Secured by Wordpress
Costs to add styles

Limited file types

Limited media embed

I can explain to you each since they’re just clues. But take a look at the freedom to customize the website, if you want to be known, you must brand your business, make it your own, and with that it’s important to be able to customize the look of your website and only Blogger offers that. But then, if you really love Wordpress, want to be user friendly, you can have a hosting instead (which cost monthly), custom domain (yearly cost), design (can be free if you know a bit of coding and have time to learn).

So, for me. Since I can customize the website look in Blogger (a.k.a. Blogspot) and optimize it well better compared to the free Wordpress site, then I’ll go for Blogger. If you want it cheap and secured, go for Blogger.

But then again, if you have the budget go ahead and go for the custom domain, own hosting, and get a Wordpress site up and running.

With this, I am officially offering my Web Development service through this site. I can do Blogspot, I can do Wordpress, and I can do it cheap. Go ahead, and click here to check out my web development service.

Got some questions? Please let me know, and leave it as a comment below or just contact me or email me.