The #Selfie Evolution Obsession Generation

Gay Aida Dumaguing Instagram Selfie
Have you ever wondered who used the hashtag #SELFIE first on Instagram. We’ll I think it all started in Instagram because we upload our photos there and twitter before does not have the feature of letting Twitter users upload photos.

The photo that you are seeing right now is my first selfie. We'll, it's the first SOLO selfie that I took and uploaded it on Instagram. I have a lot of selfies with my niece and pets, so I guess that doesn't count.


That the hashtag #SELFIE has been used about 57 million times already? Imagine the faces. Woah! But who used it first? Well, let’s clap our hands for Jennifer Lee for starting all this and using her own selfie the first selfie below:

The time that Mashable posted about this, her photo just have 67 likes and Justine Bieber’s selfie now have a million likes. So, let’s support Jennifer and give her some lovin!


I just transferred to a new house, and because I need to pack my things and repack the old things I found some treasures even selfies of me and my family way back before when we’re younger. So yes, selfie already exist before it’s just so viral these days.

So let’s stop and look back the evolution of OUR obsession on selfies and find out through the infographic below how we mostly do our selfies which I will agree (because I’ve done most of it too – LOL).

The Evolution of the Selfie-Obsessed Generation
by Column Five Media.
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