Inconstant in SEO Service Provider – Is it Recommended?

Inconstant in SEO Service Provider Is it Recommended
First off, the word “inconstant” means frequently changing. So we’re talking about changing your SEO service provider often with this blog post.

I’ve worked with this clients for the past months, the SEO service I’ve done with them has no problem at all. The keywords are ranking up, well, and they’re getting an increase in terms of conversions for each month. It was not an easy start for them though, even though they did gave me the freedom and permission to do everything on the website and optimize it – which was really cool.

But then, the pages of the website are not that well optimized, it’s also over optimized, and after weeks of investigation I came to realized that the previous SEO service provider that they’ve hired is using a black hat technique.

So imagine the work needed but I then realize why the client stopped the services of her previous provider. The website is not well optimized, the right keywords are not targeted, the website is not ranking, and of course it’s not getting enough conversions.

I have to share the license with a plugin I’m using to track conversions, update the Wordpress platform and other plugins on it. So, they really needed help before I started.

Changing SEO service provider due to dissatisfaction

Sadly, some clients have high expectations with SEO specialists like me. They expect too much in a month, when it needs a lot of work to be able to reach the goals. So there are some unsatisfied clients that ends the service because they expect way too much. But then if your dissatisfaction is due to the service provider’s lack of dedication to your business like this client that I’m talking about, it’s totally understandable.

Changing SEO service provider just because…

Each SEO specialist changes techniques every now and then to keep up with the recent updates, and each of us do have different techniques depending on our experience and skills on handling and analyzing things. A SEO professional who have been working on your site for months knows what to do next, what technique to do next, which keyword to push so it won’t be too obvious or leaving footprints all over, and so on. So, it’s best to stick with your provider when you’re still satisfied.

Other than this, not all SEO providers can meet your standards. Even I, working for years find it hard to work very well with clients because there are only certain type of clients that I get along well with.

So, if you’ve found a provider that works with you well, it’s best to stick with it. For your sake, your business sake, and your future’s sake.