Why Take Advantage of Social Media for Customer Service?

A lot of us social media users express our feelings and experiences online through our social media accounts. As a customer ourselves we sometimes take advantage of social media on reaching out to businesses whom we’ve tried their products or experience their service, and give them a feedback. Which can be a positive or negative feedback about their business.
But, as a business owner have you ever thought of taking advantage of social media too? You can totally make use of the social media sites in building your name online, marketing, and reaching out to your potential customers. This is not new, a lot of business owners have already take advantage and do use this but it’s just that some business owners are not yet that familiar with this (including here in the Philippines) and some just are not that open for changes towers the improvement of their company.

Other than using social media for your marketing campaigns, you can totally use it for customer service. I know a couple of companies here in the country who do use social media for customer service, and they can either be a huge company, medium, or small but they’re just few comparing to other businesses who ignore the power of social media.

So, why use social media for your business customer service? Let’s hear it all from Brian Solis, a best-selling author and the chief analyst at Altimeter Group, to share a minute talk on how organizations are capitalize on the social web to stay involved and cope with customer service concerns.

I know, it’s really short but if you didn’t get his short discussion at first then play it again. His words are priceless for businesses who haven’t make use of the social media yet, especially for their marketing campaigns and customer service.