GDays Mandaue 2014 - For Business, Management and Marketing

GDays Mandaue 2014 For Business Management and Marketing
Just this Saturday, May 10, 2014 the GBG group here in Cebu Philippines have this awesome big event for Business owners, managers and of course, the marketers where the man behind it is a good friend, Bjornson Bernales.

I only heard about the event from Bjorn and signed up as one of the attendee of the event, and since I offered my help (if needed Bjorn had me as one of the volunteer of the event.

Didn't have the exact assignment yet before the day and got my task just right there. At first, I was supposed to assist the speakers on where to enter, where to sit, etc. but since the two girls Chanel and Joy need a bit of help in updating the social media accounts, I'm going around the place, getting near the stage and got my handy Sony Bloggie I offered to take a photo for them.

Anyway, the event was a huge success. It has around 200 attendees and speakers that have something really good to share to us. Either they're still new on the Google products or not, they all have something new to learn from the awesome speakers plus products and services to win from the sponsors - including a FREE massage!

As a SEO specialist it's important to get to stay informed, updated and network with people who can help and you can learn things from. So I was really looking forward for events like these, events where I could meet and greet people like me, people who I can be friends with and relate with.

The GDays Mandaue

There was a GDays event before this which was for Educators and students where my sister who's a collage instructor attended. And the event which is supported by Google that I attended is obviously exclusive for Business owners, managers and Marketers - where I also belong.

Sadly, the keynote speaker Alexander de Leon didn't make it but there are a lot of speakers who was there to share their knowledge to everyone, and among them are:

Wilson Ng, the President of Ng Khai Development Corporation

Ruben Licera Jr
Ruben Licera, Jr., the Owner of RLComm International

Fleire Castro
Fleire Castro, Owner of Third Team Media

Bernardo Arellano III
Bernardo Arellano III , Founder, GBG Iloilo

Jane Jacquelie Pegarido Vestil
Jane Jacquelie Pegarido Vestil

There are actually more speakers that I could list here, I'm still trying to look for their photos that I could find by volunteer photographers and of course the photos I took. I think I got too busy that I wasn't able to take photos on other speakers.

Overall, I had a blast! I was exhausted (since I'm usually at home and not going around a place) but it was great to meet my old friends that I wasn't able to see for a long time, meet new ones and of course get the chance to stay connected with great people.

Hopefully, there will be more events I could be a part of and share it here. I actually have a couple of short videos of the speakers speaking about important things but I'm not sure if it was me who deleted the videos or was it the girls because we're running out of space on my Bloggie. Anyway, I'll try to get a copy.

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Ryan Orcullo Photography
GBG Mandaue