3 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Using Time Tracking Software

3 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Using Time Tracking Software
I’ve been working online since 2009, even when I was still a student. So yes, I’ve been working online for 5 years now, but worked as a SEO specialist just for 4 years and since I’ve worked as a SEO I’ve never accepted a job that has or use a time tracking software.

I’ve rejected a number of jobs just because of the time tracking software. I do understand the employers’ side why they do want us virtual assistant’s use the software, but let me share with you today a couple of reasons why I don’t like to use a tracking software and they are:

Slows me down. 

Depending on the scope of the job and computer specs, using a time tracker can totally slow anyone down. It uses a lot of the computer memory and always active to record every move (well, most of the software I’ve used do) and anything I open, plus some take screenshots.

One of the software that my previous employer use do make my computer hang up when it takes screenshot, luckily I’m not using any heavy software back then since I was just working as a researcher. But if I’ll have this again and doing my current job, it can be really hard for me – imagine the software I need to use (e.g. Photoshop for social media images) and number of sites and tools I have to open to ensure the quality of links I’ll be building, there are even times that I am slow without a time tracker what more if I use it.

Quality of Work.

Basing on my experience using the time tracker software, I’ve become more conscious on what I do not what I am working on. The quality of work will be at risk which I don’t like to sacrifice especially when we’re talking about building links, we need to build quality links to be able to deliver quality work and get great results – and that is ranking the client’s site.

Bad Habit.

3 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Using Time Tracking Software bad habit
One of the result that I got from these software is that I’ve developed a (really) bad habit. That is, checking the time every 10-15 minutes even I’m not working, I’m out with friends, events, or meetings. Which is really not nice when you’re with important people, I look like I need to be somewhere else that is more important than them. Which is such a no-no when you’re presenting, speaking in public or with a client meeting.

Again, I do understand that employers need to have us virtual assistant’s use this type of software and I read about 15 reasons why business owners need to use the software for their team. But personally, as a SEO specialist I prefer to avoid jobs with time tracker since I’m still trying to lessen the time checkup for 4 years.