Meeting the New President and CEO of Canon Marketing Philippines

Lim Kok Hin New President and CEO of Canon Marketing Philippines
Just few days ago, I was invited by Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. (CMPI) to come and join their Media Day event on August 1, 2014 and be able to meet their newly appointed President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Mr. Lim Kok Hin has been with Canon for 32 years now. It was actually his first job, and it’s amazing that he’s still with the company after decades. He held numerous managing positions at Canon Malaysia from 1991 to 2006, and then promoted as the Senior Director of Business Imagine Solution (BIS) at Canon Singapore Pte Ltd (CPSL). He then became the Vice President of the BIS group for the whole Southeast Asia by the year 2011.

We were actually curious who is it, since we couldn’t tell by his name if the new CEO is a man or woman – due to his Malaysian name. We were looking around and were just able to know who is the new President and CEO of Canon Marketing Philippines when he was finally introduced to us.

Other than being the new President and CEO, he's also married with two (2) children,  a foodie (seems like he wants to try exotic foods too), an avid golfer and a Economics degree older from the University of Bradford in the UK. He’s also learning our national language (Tagalog) and was encouraged by the Canon Marketing team along with him to try to speak in our dialect (Bisaya) and he even spoke some few in our language which was pretty cool.

Mr. Lim officially took over on July 1, 2014 replacing Mr. Alan Chng who's now the President and CEO of Canon Marketing Thailand.