Getting Enrolled and Certified at Hootsuite University

Hootsuite Certified ProfessionalAs I’ve previously posted here in the blog, I’ve been recently given the title as one of the Hootsuite Ambassador here in the Philippines. One of the perks of being an ambassador is having the access to Hootsuite University and get certified – which is really cool since we (as an ambassador) must know the brand and product that we represent.

I’m still on the Hootsuite Certification Courseware part wherein you’ll get to know more about the very useful features of Hootsuite, especially in managing your social media accounts for your business. But the learning doesn’t stop there, there are other tutorials, lectures and courseware available in the university, like the social media etiquettes, creating social media strategy, turning twitter leads to customers, Klout for business, and a lot more.

How long does it need to be a certified Hootsuite professional?

It only took me about 2 days to finish the whole course, actually you can finish the course in one day if you really have the time. The certification only covers the Hootsuite features, so you don’t necessarily have to learn everything in the university then take the exam.

So if you have an hour a day, I think you could finish it about 3-5 days then take the exam.

How long is the exam and how hard is it?

The certification exam only have 40 questions with multiple choice wherein you’re given 1 hour to answer it all. It’s not that really hard if you listen to the videos and take it all in. There are some tricky questions but you can totally get it if you understand everything.

What if I fail, can I retake it?

I actually failed at the first try, I needed 4 more questions to get the pass the grade of 95% which is really high. You get the option to retake it again, and answering only the questions that you got it wrong. So the second round, I only needed to answer the 4 questions.

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Is it worth it to enroll to Hootsuite University?

I’d say yes, I never claim to be really good at social media. I’m more on SEO, but with Hootsuite University, learning new stuff and more about social media and using it for business can really help me boost my career and the knowledge that I have.

They update their videos, they have something new to offer every now and then, and I can tell because they put the word “new” on the title of the courseware.

Is it worth it to be a Hootsuite certified professional?

Honestly, I don’t know yet since I’ve been just recently become certified but give me a couple of months to know if it is appealing to clients.

I hope these information about Hootsuite University and getting certified by Hootsuite is helpful for you. If you want to find out more about the proram, please feel free to visit and enroll yourself for only $21/month.

Become a HootSuite Certified Professional