Twitter Guide for New Businesses

Twitter Guide for New Businesses
As a SEO specialist, I'm not 100% dependent on SEO. I also use the power of social media that will surely help in getting more traffic, especially when there's a blog on the website.

Let's face it, not all people are into using social media sites like Twitter and that includes business owners. Some of them does not appreciate or see the power of social media yet and it's a total mistake that they're ignoring it.

But the good thing is, more and more business owners are starting to use social media sites in their campaign. Even here in Cebu Philippines, from hotels to other local business, they're already using Facebook and Twitter in promoting their business online and reaching out to their potential customers.

I think it's just right for me to share with this infographic I found on Business guide to the wonderful world of twitter. It has (pretty much) you need to know about Twitter, from its functions, tips and so on. I'll try to find some other more infographic that deserves to be shared here on the site. But for now, I think this will totally do:

A lot of your potential customers use the internet these days to look for what they want and need, and the social media sites are pretty useful even your business offers a local service. So make sure to take advantage to these social media sites and start including it in your campaign.