Can #1 Ranking on Google Be Guaranteed?

Google Rank
Most of the client's I prefer to work for are direct clients, I don't like working in behalf of a company because most of these companies are low paying jobs and are office base or there are some that we don't agree with the technique that will use.So I've been asked this same question over and over again, especially from clients who are not that familiar with SEO.

So I believe it would be just right to share with everyone this video from Google Webmaster Help on YouTube by Matt Cutts, where he answered a question that I think most of us SEO specialists gets from the interview of our prospective clients.

I totally understand that these clients really want to rank to the top, but they must also understand that we're not Google and not working for Google. A lot of clients does not also believe me when I say I can't guarantee the #1 ranking, and hire someone else that guarantees it - well, good luck!

Land Lubber of Colorado asks this question:
With a lot of my potential clients, the first words out of their mouth when building a site is "Can you make my site #1 on Google?" This question is extremely annoying to me... How can I respond in a professional and honest manner?

I totally agree with Matt, you should think more of if the term or keyword is the keyword that could convert, because if this does not convert then why do you want to rank? You want to rank your website (especially your business website) because you want to make money from your site, from your business. And that is, through getting people visit your site, buy or avail your services from your site and having your website optimized for this will surely help.

As for the source that Matt is talking about, where Google points out the as a Search Engine Optimizer, I can't guarantee #1 ranking, here it is.

How I Answer the Question?

Well, my line usually goes like this...

I'm sorry. I cannot guarantee #1 ranking, but I'll try my best to do so. I can't guarantee the #1 ranking because I am not Google or working for Google.

Then it will be followed by what Matt Cutt says on keywords. Then of course, they'll ask how long it will take for them to rank, an estimate at least.

I hope sharing the video is helpful for everyone. Not only how to tell your clients about ranking their site, but also to clients who needs to understand our side.