Why Guest Posting on Blogs is a Slippery Slope?

Why Guest Posting on Blogs is a Slippery Slope
It's included in my title that I'm a part-time blogger. I handle and blog on 4 different sites that I owned - yes, I write the articles myself - and I do get a lot messages that they want to post an article on my blog (the article is totally for free) and sometimes offer some money for it. As a SEO specialist, I know the benefits of getting my blog updated (since I write the articles myself, it's kind of a hard thing to keep up with) but of course the effect if I link on someone else's site.

Of course, with my knowledge and experience I want to play safe with my blogs not just because I'm also making money from it but also it could give an effect on my experience in handling sites - don't want to ruin my good record.

Honestly, sometimes I don't get their technique and way of writing content and creating links towards their site (or client's site) through my blog. I'd always bet on some articles submitted that there will be a day that they'll request for the link to be removed - which do always happen.

Want to ask me why? There are a lot of factors to consider and a lot of things to discuss why you should not abuse guest posting on blogs, paid or not.

Why Guest Posting and Blogging is a Slippery Slope?

There are things that it's hard for me to explain, and it includes this - why you should not abuse and think twice about guest posting. Lucky for us, we have the well-known SEO agency, the SEOmoz team to share why.

Guest blogging can be good, if you use it right and plan your strategies well it can give you a really good result but over doing it and using a blackhat technique out of it can give you a bad result - which of course happened to the people who contacted me to post their article on my blog.

Another point done here is that, if you have a really good article, just post it on your site. Your own blog and you'll totally get a free, effortless and priceless link to your site.