Google Analytics Platform Principles - Mission Complete

Google Analytics Platform Principles
Few weeks ago I've posted a video about "Getting Started with Google Analytics". I've actually noticed that video since I was studying and taking the course for the Digital Analytics Fundamentals which I was not able to get a certificate, but then I passed the final assessment and finished the whole course. Then again, the certificate of completion is not available anymore so no certificate for me!

But I was taking the course because Google Analytics (GA) emailed me that they have an upcoming new FREE course, which is the Google Analytics Platform Principles. In their email, it says it's advisable to finish the first course first - which was a great tip.

I actually got the alert on March 12 about the course going live, but started it about 2 days later since I was still finishing the first course. Luckily, the new course is short, direct and still useful for SEO specialists like me and was able to finish the new course within 24 hours.

Google Analytics Platform Principles

Again, the course is short, direct and simple but then again I will also advise to take the first course. The first course is longer but if you have been using Google Analytics for a long time and didn't take this course yet, there are things you'll learn more about GA.

The course certificate (is I think) open until March 27, so hurry and enroll, study and take the assessments and get the certificate right after you take the final assessment. Here's my certificate:

Google Analytics Platform Principles Gay Aida Dumaguing Certificate

I got the certificate right away, it's nothing special, it's just a completion certificate - completion of the course that is. I'm also checking out the other free courses, maybe there's something that could benefit me our at least could make use of in boosting my career and knowledge in this field.