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As an IT graduate, I also have the knowledge and skills on web development, and as a SEO specialist I know how important it is to have a well designed website. Starting 2015 I will officially include this as part of my services since a number of people have already contacted me for different simple projects.

I aim to be able to provide professional service too with businesses that are in a tight budget, so I have different options for you to choose from to have your very own official website. Here are your options:

Blogger Website - $150

Website Hosting: by Blogger/Blogspot (FREE)
Custom Domain: Not Included
Content: Not IncludedDesign: Using Templates and Customize it.
Price: $150

Blogger is a free blogging platform that is now owned by Google. Your website hosting is free by Google, but you must keep it update with your blog posts – which is advisable for personal, blogs, and businesses especially if you want it to be optimized and have a SEO service.

Wordpress Website - $250

Website Hosting: Not Included
Custom Domain: Not Included
Duration: 1 month (maximum)
Content: Not IncludedDesign: Using Templates and Customize it.
Price: $250

We’ll be using a template and customize it as your own.

Fully Customized Wordpress Website 

Website Hosting: Not Included
Duration: 1 month (maximum) with 2 weeks free corrections or alterations.
Custom Domain: Not Included
Content: Not IncludedDesign: Using Templates and Customize it.
Price: $500 or more (depending on your demand)

Wordpress is the most in demand platform for years because of its user-friendliness. But it requires you to pay hosting and domain. A free website is available but not advisable if you want to have a custom website since there are limited actions with the free Wordpress account.

With the FULL customized Wordpress website, we’ll need what kind of designs you like, to colors, features you want, etc.

The process:
We’ll not be using a template online and just customize it, we’ll have a design made for you only and once approved, we’ll code it, and implement it on the website.

Got a question?

Please do feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

NOTE: I offer discounts on the price for Philippines based or Filipino owned businesses.
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