5 Reasons Why Bloggers Don’t Publish Your Press Release

5 Reasons Why Bloggers Don’t Publish Your Press Release
Have you been sending out your press release but only few to none of the bloggers have publish your press release? We’ll, I’m one of the bloggers, and I’m also a marketer, let me share to you some of the reasons why I ignore the press releases that I received from companies.

Please take note that these reasons are my personal reasons, I did not take any surveys and all but most likely these might be the reasons why your press release are being ignored. Also, not ALL press releases that I received are being ignore, I’m quiet picky.

Not Share Worthy

Every day when I open my email, I get at least 20 emails but there are just about 3-5 of them that are really important for me – which is mostly from my SEO service clients. Some are from other marketers offering stuff, and the rest are press release. Please take note, that this is my every day morning email scene.

With all the press release I get, how many of them are share worthy? Well, mostly likely none to one. So don’t just write about anything and every movement about your company, make it news worthy, share worthy, and a must know not only to bloggers but to the readers as well.

Not in the Niche

What’s worst of getting multiple press releases in day? It’s mostly from the same company, they have a lot to share (it seems) and they’ve sent it all separately. Some of these too are not even in my niche, I have 3 blogs right now which are this one, my travel blog, and tech blog. And they’re sending me everything, I can’t just write, post, and share all about them every day.

Am I working for them? Nope.

So that’s why I’m very picky with the topic.

No Photo

I always make sure that every blog post on my blogs have at least one (1) photo. Some of my blog posts even have more than 10 images, and if I don’t have a photo I even make an effort to find one online.

Make an effort to at least include one photo with your press release. We make an effort that our blog won’t look too boring, especially our blog posts. I hope you’re the same too.

Also, don’t just send just any photo, send at least a good photo to go along with the post.

It’s FREE?

Sadly, some press releases sent to me goes along with a message “we would like to share with you our press release FOR FREE”.

Let’s face it, you’ve contacted the blogger because (at least) the blog has an authority, or maybe influential, or got some followers. Admit it, you want advertising to the blog, so why tell us your press release is for free? When you wish to get an advertising for free?

It’s a Press Release

This is my main reason why I usually reject posting it on my blog. It’s a press release, you send it to different people from around the world (or at least within the city) to publish it. So imagine how many websites have published it without editing anything or rewriting it. Imagine how many websites have the same content? Do you even know that search engines like Google don’t like duplicate content?

A blog is a blog, not a press release site. So, I usually advice bloggers (who ask me) to rewrite the press releases they get from company representatives.

Please do take note that bloggers are not like journalists in the traditional news, wherein we get paid (salary) every month to write to the newspaper. We’re bloggers, we make an income through ads, paid opportunities, etc. Nothing is stable. I can earn (from my blog) $10 this month, maybe $100 next month. It totally depends. So yes, that’s why I have a day job as a SEO specialist, and it’s practical and normal to prioritize my work than rewriting your press release and publish it to the blog – well, unless it’s paid.

So yes, if I like a press release, I do rewrite it and finish it about 2-3 hours if no one is disturbing me. So imagine my effort.

Next time (after reading this post), please do think about when or what to send out your press release to bloggers. Don’t send a press release every day and everything about your company that I can make a diary out of it.

Let me leave you a couple of tips on how to make a blogger like me publish your press release:

* Don’t send a press release. Send a unique article that is related to your press release. An article that is solely for that blogger, not for everyone to publish and share. In this way, bloggers like me don’t have to rewrite it and put too much effort. If you do this, it may take just few hours to few days for us to publish it.

* Offer something beneficial to both you and the blogger. What I don’t like with other companies is that they think we’re “JUST A BLOGGER”, we offer everything for free. We have our day time job, and if I do write about you or rewrite your press release, I make a huge effort about it – since I’m not really a writer and it’s hard for me to write. Including something for the blogger to enjoy is a total plus, a simple appreciation to our efforts is highly appreciated.

What other companies did offer me? Well, they invite me to their company events (e.g. new features, product launching, media day, etc.), gift certificates, free lunch or dinner at their hotel or restaurant, etc. It is not necessary that it is expensive.

Tip: It’s best if it’s something that they’ll be able to experience or have something from your company (e.g. a day use at your hotel, a lunch for 2, etc.), so that you’ll only not get your press release published but also you’ll get another blog post about your company on their experience.