Monday, October 6, 2014

5 Reasons to Rank Your Videos on Google

5 Reasons to Rank Your Videos on Google YouTube Video SEO
I’ve been ask so many times if I’ll be able to rank a video on search engines and can offer it as service. Your wish is granted!

Starting today, I’ll be offering video SEO service for client’s who are interested on this service wherein the link to the page for the service can be found on the top, just right below my name and profession, on the color red box. The link can be found on the very bottom of the page, in the footer.
I’ve used video SEO not only for my clients but also for myself, ranking the video about me, the services I offer, and videos I created for my blogs.

Let me share with you the 5 reasons why you should also optimize your videos as well, especially if you already have a video produced and want to increase your website traffic and online exposure. Hear out the following reasons:

Drive Traffic to Your Website

On September 2013, Matt Cutts of Google announces or shares the data that the way that internet users have shifted their way in using and being more interested in helpful videos. Especially, when the video shows up in SERPs, people click more of it other than the regular links we see.

So imagine if your video is ranking on a targeted term or keyword, imagine the traffic and exposure on your business.

Quality Links to Your Website

How can you get traffic to your website when you usually upload videos on video sites like YouTube? Well, you put a link to your website wherein people who’ll watch the video will easily find it. That way, when you mention that the link is at the bottom of the video, they can easily access it and visit your website.

Improve SERP Ranking

Imagine getting a link from a quality sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sites with huge PR and traffic. Those are quality links, links that can and will drive traffic to your website, a link that can totally help your website ranking.

I’ve tried it before on my blog, I’ve ranked my hotel review and when that video ranked on the first page my blog’s page for the review ranked in a matter of days on the third page.

Lower Bounce Rate

People spend at least a minute watching the video, surely when they click on the link going to your website they’re at least 75% interested about what you have to offer for them. That means, they’ll spend more time on your site, finding more about you and the product and services you offer, etc. In short, lower bounce rate and more quality traffic to your website.

Local Market

Studies show that there are more CTRs on videos on search engine results, since obviously it is more attractive due to the image or thumbnail of the video is shown.

Imagine, the video, the ranking, the traffic, with that you can surely win over the local market and I highly advice this to local businesses since it’s more specific, more target and less competition since you’re only competing only with the local businesses in the same market.

As a SEO specialist, it is important for me to grow, be informed, be in the latest and offer everyone and especially my clients new services and be updated with the latest trends in SEO industry. So, with this new service I'll be offering, and that is ranking videos on the Google search engine results.

(a.k.a. G) is a SEO specialist from Cebu Philippines since 2010 of September, an award winning travel blogger, social media enthusiast, and now a YouTuber.

Gay Aida Dumaguing
Cebu, Philippines