Hourly vs. Package – What to Avail?

Hourly vs Package What to Avail
It’s that time of the year again when most of the entrepreneurs do outsourcing here in the Philippines. I’ve been contacted by a couple of business owners these past weeks, and a number of them was first timers in outsourcing jobs here in the country.

So today, let me share with you the difference between hiring an employee hourly or just avail a package. Hopefully, through this blog post it will be helpful for you in deciding which one to get and clarify what to expect.


My first job was an internet researcher, and they pay me hourly so they do micromanagement. They use this software (totally forgot the name of the software, since it was almost 5 years ago) that records your number of hours worked, what time you started, what time you ended, and take screenshots of the during the working hours. Plus, we have to go online on our Yahoo Messenger account, and turn on our cameras while we’re working.

So pretty much, we were like this if you imagine it though the company I was working for was thousands of miles away.


It was back then, I’m not sure these days how employers do micromanagement since I don’t accept hourly jobs anymore for years. But I’ve tried with the employer once, they don’t use the software similar to what I’ve used before, but they want me to record (through Google Spreadsheet) everything I’ve done within the hour, every hour. I’ve also heard from friends who works online that they use Odesk where it also take screenshots and records the number of hours worked. And usually, employers who do micromanagement do have working hours.

So, when you want to know what your employees are doing on the working hours, that they do what they need to do during the hours that you’re paying, it’s best to hire someone hourly especially if you only have a budget for an hourly job.


Usually, companies have the packages but I do prefer this one since I’d rather work flexible, with no tracker since adding another software to run in my computer may just cause my computer to run slow. I open a lot of browser windows and tabs, plus some browser plugins.

In a package, you’ll be provided what’s included in the service, what is done, what to expect from it, just like what I’ve stated and done with my SEO service package. In my case, I can work anytime and anywhere – which is really cool.

Working for 4 years online, most of the clients I had prefer to have a monthly report since I usually report directly to the business owner. Some also like biweekly reports (reports every 15 and then the end of the month report), and some also requests for a weekly report. You may request for a daily report from your employees if you wish.

Usually, the ones with a package already know what’s best, and that is why they’re able to create a package. Therefore, it’s most likely a quality work.


If you want to make sure that your employees oversees do what they need to do, want to know what they’re doing, and value QUANTITY over QUALITY it’s best that you go ahead and hire someone hourly.

But then, if you prefer to leave it all to the expert or someone who specialize and good of the job, don’t like to micromanage and rather focus more on developing and working more on the area of your business wherein you’re good at, and value QUALITY over QUANTITY then it’s okay for you to for the package.