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My name is Gay Aida

SEO Specialist

I started working online since 2009 as an Internet Researcher, and that's when I got curious on how search engine works. In September of 2010 I started my SEO training. Since then, I've been doing SEO service to clients here in the Philippines and abroad. Now, I've been working as a SEO specialist for almost 7 years, and offering Social Media Management for 4 years.Do you have an online marketing needs for your business?


SEO Specialist

2011 - Present


Internet Researcher


Hotels Combined (Australia)

Marketing Manager Assistant (OJT)


Globe Telecom (Cebu)

Computer Maintenance

2006 - 2009

Interneconnectivity Computer Solutions


Search Engine Optimization

I provide SEO services for entreprenuers who needs and wants their business to be found on search engines like Google. (Know More)

Website Development

Customized, design, and install wordpress websites for clients who wish to have their very own website. (Know More)

Social Media Management

Manage social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach out to more potential customers. (Know More)










SEO Doesn't Matter

SEO Doesnt Matter
It's been years I've been trying to prove, answered, have been asked and share to everyone why SEO is important and does matter these days. Especially, when it comes to your business marketing campaign. Still, there are people and even business owners who does not appreciate the power of marketing your business online or otherwise take all these for granted.

Good thing that I've found this infographic online that could give you the idea why you should start promoting your business online, and of course know the benefits in promoting your business online.

This is not only through social media, but includes using SEO services in marketing your business and promoting your product and services online. So do check out this simple yet right and informative infographic by y2m.ae:

So, do you still think SEO doesn't matter?

How Google Works

How Google Works
Have you ever wondered how Google works? How they're able to know that your website should rank on certain keywords, that you offer the services or that you have the content that Googlers want to read, find out more about.

Way back in 2009 I used to work for this hotel search engine company where they have this huge database of hotels around the world including the booking prices from different sites where you could book (like Agoda, TripAdvisor, etc.).

I started working there as an internet researcher, I need to search the exact location, facilities, amenities, services, type of rooms, prices, etc. that the hotel offers and input it on the website's database. In this way, the users will be able to know and compare the hotels that they're looking at.

So obviously, I use Google to find the official website of these hotels or at least get the information from people who have been there and tried the hotel. I don't only use Google search, but also Google maps and images to find proof that the hotel exists.

Working for the company for more than a year, and seeing that some of the official websites of hotels are not ranking makes you curious on how search engine works, specifically on my case, how Google works and this is how I think my road to being a SEO specialist started.

Lucky for everyone these days these what we call infographics already exist to help us understand not only through works but also through graphics. So here's an infographic I found only that talks and shows us how Google works, check it out:

How Google Works
How Google Works by Quicksprout.


Her website is about motivating her readers to be more fit. Her success story? Through SEO a brand found her online through our keyword and hired her as a model for a product and shoot an advertisement with them in the US.

Bridget Taylor


This car rental company based in Cebu is now one of the preferred and premier car rental company in Cebu.

Cebu Trip Rent a Car


They're now the top travel agency in Cebu, getting more bookings than other travel agencies. From getting an average of 900 visits a month, they're now getting an average of 6,000 visits a month.

Cebu Trip Tours


It's a 6 months project that results in doubling the traffic after just 4 months.

Trevor Page


An Australian custom closet designer that has SEO done before but didn't worked out.After 6 months in working with her, I was able to double the traffic, from 800 visitors to an average of 2000 visitors a month.

Sally Hart


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