How to Use Blogging to Boost Your Freelancing Career?

Now, let's continue the talk or the more detailed discussion my talk at the Payoneer Forum Cebu 2015 on September 26, 2015. To those who was there, I apologize if I wasn't that clear that day, I was very nervous that day. I'm not really used with that kind of huge crowd, I even freak out with a small crowd, how much more with that?

How to Use Blogging to Boost your Freelancing Career by Gay Aida Dumaguing SEO Specialist Cebu Travel Blogger

Anyway, we've previously talked about "How Blogging Can Boost Your Freelancing Career?" and this time around, we'll be talking about how can we use blogging to boost your freelancing career. Actually, the answer is there at the previous post. But then, to clarify and really highlight to you guys how you can do this, then here you go!

Please refer to the slide that I've presented at the Payoneer Forum Cebu 2015.

Your Blog is Your Resume.

First time setting up on creating your blog, you'll be overloaded with information. On what to do first, tips on doing it, how to start, and so on. But don't forget to have a page wherein an employer or anyone can easily find your resume. Do advertise yourself and what you do. Do let them know what you do. Put a link going to resume page, so that they'll know who you are and what you do, and if you're that person they're looking for.

If you notice this website, if you go to my homepage, you'll actually see my resume right away. And I get a lot of great feedback to potential clients who are looking for someone like me, or for me!

But again, please avoid posting personal info online. Just highlight your expertise, your portfolio, your testimonials, your previous and current projects, and so on. Anything that can help them be attracted to you, don't forget to include a professional photo - no sexy photo please.

Show Your Expertise.

Through a blog post, you can show your expertise. Like for example, if you're in a real estate industry you can blog on "5 Tips on Finding Your First Home as a Newly Wed Couple", or "Tips on Finding the Best Location for Your Condo". Show off what you know, let them and make them love you with your post, and sometimes, people find you awesome that they'd want you to speak on events such as the Payoneer Forum Cebu 2015. Yeah, speaking of.

Post About Yourself.

I do encourage you to post a bit about yourself from time to time. Don't be too shy about it. It can be anything like your latest adventure, what's the latest from you, what's your latest achievements, your works, finished projects, are you busy lately? Have you been doing fitness lately or diet maybe?

Actually, I know a blogger that do blog about making money, then one day he posted about his fitness journey, and showing us that how much he have lost lately. And a lot of his readers actually appreciate that, they loved it actually that they even say "hey! Post more about yourself, there's too much money talk here in the blog, we want to get to know you!" and yeah, he did post updates more about what he have been up to other than making money online.

So, that pretty much it! That's what I can leave you guys today with. If you have any questions on blogging, on being a freelancer, then please do comment below or send me a message through my contact page and I'll try my best to answer your questions quickly.

Thanks for dropping by!

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