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My name is Gay Aida

SEO Specialist

I started working online since 2009 as an Internet Researcher, and that's when I got curious on how search engine works so in September of 2010 I started my SEO training. Since then, I've been a SEO service provider based here in Cebu Philippines to businesses here in the Philippines and also abroad - US, Canada, Australia, and UK. Now, I've been working as a SEO specialist for almost 8 years, and offering Social Media Management for almost 5 years. Do you want to rank your website on search engines like Google?



I've been asked a number of questions about my SEO service as a SEO specialist, and to help you make that quick decision on why you should HIRE MY SEO SERVICE today, I answer a number of commonly or frequently asked questions by business owners through this video.


Search Engine Optimization

I provide SEO services for entreprenuers who needs and wants their business to be found on search engines like Google. (Know More)

Website Development

Customized, design, and install wordpress websites for clients who wish to have their very own website. (Know More)

Social Media Management

Manage social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach out to more potential customers. (Know More)


B.S. Information Technology

University of Cebu - Banilad
Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu Philippines

San Agustin Institute of Technology

High School
Valencia City, Bukidnon

Bukidnon Faith Christian School Inc.

Valencia City, Bukidnon


SEO Specialist

September 2010 - Present


Internet Researcher

2009- June 2010

Hotels Combined (Australia)

Marketing Manager Assistant (OJT)


Globe Telecom (Cebu)

Computer Maintenance

2006 - 2009

Interneconnectivity Computer Solutions



Onsite Optimization 90%
Offsite Optimization 95%
Local SEO 85%


Development 85%
Design 80%
Optimization 90%

Social Media

Facebook 85%
Twitter 80%
Instagram 75%










4 Job Hunting Tips and Advice for the Fresh Graduates

4 Job Hunting Tips and Advice for the Fresh Graduates
One of the students of my sister sent me a message on Facebook today about how to be one of us, how to be a SEO specialist. I love my work, I love being one, but will I advise an IT graduate to be like me?

I’m not sure if he just recently finished his degree, but I am assuming that he just did or he will be, this March 2015. So, I’ve decided that I’ll share some of my advice to him on going out to the world, and work what he have been learning for the 4 to 5 years for his degree.

First off, let me let you know that I’ve finished mine years ago (was it 6 years ago? Or 7? Maybe 8) but then I’ve started working while I was studying at my brother’s café while trying to finish my degree, I also worked at a known telecommunications company here in the Philippines (for our OJT), and worked online even before I finished my degree.

And yes, I was like you before who’s afraid yet excited to go out there, brag about what I’ve accomplished, and earn my own money! Get my first salary! So here are a couple of job hunting and maybe also career tips I have for you – basing on my experience.

Work on What You’ve Finished

Sadly, few years back there are only few to none companies here that hires fresh graduates – yes, they all want workers with experience, but how will people get an experience when no one hires them?

4 Job Hunting Tips and Advice for the Fresh Graduates

I’ve tried to apply any position related to my course (programming, web development, quality assurance, etc.) but after a month or two (2) I don’t want to waste my time anymore. Printing resumes and going to offices who just rejects me because I don’t have any experience is too time and effort consuming, plus there are a lot of expenses.

I should be working, I shouldn’t be asking money for transportation and food from my parents anymore, because I’ve finished my degree their duties is done and I should take care of myself from then. So, my friends and I decided that any job that a company thinks that will fit us and right for us, we’ll apply and accept it!

Regrets? None though. But if I have finished my studies in these years, I can totally get a job related to my course. I could’ve been out of the country by now, but no, there are lack of opportunities back then.

My advice is, if there are available jobs that you can apply and related to your course, then go for it! Don’t expect to get a huge salary though, you’re a fresh grad! They’ll be training you, and that is an investment for them too. Even it’s on the minimum, go for it, it’s important to get an experience.

Think of Yourself as an Empty Cup

4 Job Hunting Tips and Advice for the Fresh Graduates
So this student who sent me a message says, there are a lot of other applicants who are also competitive. Well, I’ve shared with him what my professor in college said to us, “Always think of yourself as an empty cup…

If you stop wanting to learn, if you’re a know it all, if you think you’ve learned everything at school already for 4-5 years, guess what? You’re damn wrong!

Every year, every end of the semester there are a lot of newer and more knowledgeable graduates released. Experienced professionals becomes more professional and experienced. It’s a competitive world! Of course it is!

How to beat them? Learn more, absorb more, and never stop learning. Just like the games, you have to level up yourself, or else you’ll be left behind. The surprising thing is, what you’ll be working on or what employers love is not what you’ve learned from school, but what you have learned by yourself, and that will be the one they’ll be attracted to, and the reason they’ll hire you. Got the logic?

Sell Yourself

4 Job Hunting Tips and Advice for the Fresh Graduates
Here’s another way to beat the competition, and it’s what my Daddy told me when I was in a job hunting mode. He said “Sell yourself”.

Remember, when you’re presented with a new product, you don’t usually buy it because you read the label. But it’s because someone is selling it to you, you might have heard it from the sales person, your friend who have tried it, or on TV or ads on the internet. Someone is selling it to you, so who’s going to sell you?

No, I don’t mean that you have to go to the club, wear a sexy attire, and dance on top of the table or something. What I mean is that you have to let these interviewers, these employers, that “hey, I am what you’ve been looking for.”

Here’s a tip, when they ask “Tell me about yourself”, they didn’t mean that you should tell them about your childhood, where you grew up, what are your hobbies. They want to know what are your features, your knowledge, skills, attitude, or any attributes that will help them grow and beneficial with them.

But here’s a line that usually, I get hired immediately. I tell them “… I’m a hardworking person, dedicated, team player, and loyal…”… kaching! Feel free to create your own version but the important highlight there is that you’re hardworking and dedicated, meaning you don’t sleep at work and when you’re given a task you’ll do your best; and loyal, that you’ll not be easily sway  and go for other companies.”

Build Your Reputation

I’ve mentioned that don’t think that you deserve a higher salary because you’re this and that, you’re a fresh graduate. Don’t make your head too big already. Anyway, go for at least the minimum wage, if you get a job higher than that, then awesome! But if you have different offers, that’s really impressive!

4 Job Hunting Tips and Advice for the Fresh Graduates

Also, don’t slack on your job. Do your best. Please remember, what you’re working on for months or years, you can put it up on your resume, and if you get a promotion that’s totally a plus – a great sign for employee searchers!

I think that’s it. Well, that’s all I can think of to advice the fresh graduates.

You ask what I advise to the student on taking a career as a SEO specialist? Well, SEO is already competitive, and a new one entering with no experience, no full knowledge (yet), will be hard. There might be clients hiring you, but it will be totally cheap, but yeah they might hire you. Still, since he is an IT student, there are opportunities already here in the country, plus outside the country, why take a road that you don’t have any idea about how to do it when you already have what you know for 4 years?

List of Philippines Mobile Network Prefix

List of Philippines Mobile Network Prefix
Someone sent me a message today, and yesterday someone called me on my phone - unknown numbers. I'm not sure if it's cheap to call them back or text them back so I have to look their number prefix online to find out what network they're in.

I can easily know what network they're in before, since there are just about ten (10) or less mobile prefix for these networks. But these days, with the rise of the mobile, the demand for mobile numbers is high and these mobile networks needs more prefix, and that's too many for me to remember. Let me share with you the list of prefix numbers I've found with their respective networks.

It's important for me to find out what are my SEO service clients are using, since there are networks that offer cheaper calls or unlimited calls on the same networks. With this list of Philippine mobile network prefixes, it will totally help.












Please note that this may not be 100% accurate. Since Talk and Text (TnT) is under Smart Communications, and even Sun Cellullar too, while TM (Touch Mobile) is under Globe Telecom. So feel free to correct me if I am wrong through leaving me a comment below and I'll try my best to update the table above. If you have more Philippine mobile network prefixes to share, please don't hesitate to share it with us!

As of March 17, 2015 - 45 Philippine Mobile Network Prefix

A Sample Freelance SEO Work Agreement

A Sample Freelance SEO Work Agreement
I've been working online since June of 2009, and that is even before I finished my college degree. SEO is not my first job online, but it's still related since I do internet research and that's when I get to know the search engines. And yes, that's when I started to get curious about SEO and learned all about it, and here I am.

Working as a SEO specialist since September of 2010 with different clients not only here in the Philippines, but also from different countries like the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and UK. With the experiences I had with these clients and the help with other SEO specialists online, I was able to construct this simple SEO work agreement - as what I call it.

It started as a SEO contract, and I've made it less formal but still have the important details that most clients love.

Please note that everything here is not solely from me. I was able to gather some sample lines and ideas, and have it here. Feel free to grab a copy if you like it. Let me know if there's anything else you can suggest to add.

If you're reading this because you want to avail my services, please note that I only prefer to work directly for clients or clients who can let me work flexible and no tracker - and that's why I prefer to work as a freelance SEO.

You'll not be paying me based on what I do hourly, on a day, but what I do for the whole month, and that's why I have a package. Maybe you want to check out my post on why and when to hire a SEO service hourly or just avail a SEO package to help with your decision.

For fellow SEO freelancers out there, again, please feel free to let me know if there's any more phrase I should add and share with us here.

For clients, feel free to drop me a message if you have anything to ask me about this work agreement.

Lastly, let me tell you this, some of the clients may not like it, but most of them do. But if your client loves this, you'll be as happy as I am with my clients who avail my SEO services for the past years.


Here are a few of my previous and some current clients that I've done SEO service with. Not all are published.

FitnessMotivationToday gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

Her website is about motivating her readers to be more fit. Her success story? Through SEO a brand found her online through our keyword and hired her as a model for a product and shoot an advertisement with them in the US.

Bridget Taylor


Cebu Trip rent a car gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

This car rental company based in Cebu is now one of the preferred and premier car rental company in Cebu.

Cebu Trip Rent a Car


Cebu Trip Tours gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

They're now the top travel agency in Cebu, getting more bookings than other travel agencies. From getting an average of 900 visits a month, they're now getting an average of 6,000 visits a month.

Cebu Trip Tours


JavaVideoTutorials gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

It's a 6 months project that results in doubling the traffic after just 4 months.

Trevor Page


cleverclosetcompany gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

An Australian custom closet designer that has SEO done before but didn't worked out.After 6 months in working with her, I was able to double the traffic, from 800 visitors to an average of 2000 visitors a month.

Sally Hart


Hush Anesthetic gay aida dumaguing SEO specialist cebu philippines

This is a two years project with the client. I started with them getting an average of 3,000 visitors a month, and after 2 years they're able to get an average of 15,000 visits a month. The project ended because they're happy with the ranking and want to focus more on paid marketing campaigns.

Hush Anesthetic


Gay Aida Dumaguing
Cebu, Philippines