Before starting any projects, clients do sure have questions for me and I think it's best to post it here for your reference. If you can't find the answers to your questions, please do feel free to contact me.

How long have you been working as a SEO specialist?
I started to work as a SEO specialist since September of 2010 and before that I worked as an Internet Researcher, and that's when I was curious on how search engines work and decided to take that road.

Can you work only for me?
I am currently working part time with someone for more than a year, I can't just abandon them.

What I am offering here is a package, that is without a time tracker, no need to know if I'm working 8 hours, or have a software to get the screenshot of my computer during working hours. I prefer to work flexible. We're not basing my work on the number of hours worked, or what I've done during the working hours.

So how would you know I am working on your site? Simple, there will be no links reported and there's no progress on your site, or even a report - but since I always do, that means I'm doing my job.

How will I know that my website will be taken care of?
I can accept a maximum of 5 full service clients (equivalent to full time) to optimize, but I don't want to overload so I only accept a maximum of 3 to ensure that I am not overworked and can take good care of the sites that are handled. So right now, I'm open for 2 project.

Are you working alone, or as a team?
I am working alone, but I can work with a team.

What type of payments do you accept?
Most of the clients I've worked with pay me through PayPal. But I also have tried bank deposits (from other countries) and do accept cash payments from local clients. Will also accept payments via XOOM, Remitly or Western Union.

What websites you'll build links to?
It depends on your website market, but I won't give you a list. But their types are: Social bookmarking, articles, forum post, docs, directory, wiki, educational sites, weblogs, and more.

Can I get all the lists of links from website's you've built links to my website?
I can give you the number of links built on a type of website, but will not provide which website, what is the link to that website I've build a link to due to my previous experience wherein a client copied what I did, on that same site, and caused some problems. Here's a sample of how I report links:

Social Bookmarking - 10
Articles / Blogs         - 5
Forum Posts              - 20
Documents                - 8

Can you give me a sample link(s) you've made for a certain client?
This will depend on the client I have, I'll need a permission from them since I do respect my client's privacy and confidentiality - especially if they ask me to sign a confidentiality agreement, which is what most of my client's request.

Can you give me a sample keyword of your client that you've ranked?
This will also depend on the client. I again have to ask their permission, and yes I do ask permission every time someone ask me to share their info, even just a link or just a keyword.

What should I expect on the first month in working with you?
Expect to be busy with me for the first to the second week, I'll be contacting and needing approval from your end for keywords, landing pages, and changes on your website or at least requests, then the remaining weeks I'll be most likely busy optimizing the site and implement what you've approved with. But for the rest of the months, I'll be focusing more on outside the website, so I'll be contacting you less, but if you need anything from me feel free to contact me.

Where are you from?
I'm currently in Cebu, Philippines.

Philippines has slow internet and electricity problems, will that be an issue?
It does especially on seasons where there are storms, or at least strong rain. It is usually on the months of June to November, but no it will not be an issue in terms of me in my work or if I'll still be able to work. I always ensure that if there are days that I'll be offline, the website will still be taken care of.

But I do hope that if there are storm, flood, or at least an electricity or internet problem, you'll be able to understand that it can be hard to get in touch with me. I live in a 3rd world country.

Do you offer refunds?
No. But I'll continue working on your site until the paid amount is consumed.

How can we start?
Please do contact me first, you may contact me via the website's contact page, email or Skype. Do ask me anything you need to ask first before we start so that we're both assured that we understand each other. From there, let me know what package you want and if we understood each other well, you can then send me your down payment.

I require 50% down payment for the monthly retainer package before we start, then after 30 days you can pay the balance. After the end of the month, you'll receive the monthly report and inform me if you want to continue or not. So in short, it's a prepaid service.

Can you sign a work agreement?
Yes, but I have created my own version of work agreement too, it's a SEO work agreement that I was able to create for almost 5 years of working as a SEO specialist. You might want to check it out, just click here.

On one of your SEO packages, what do you mean by the /6m?
I have created these SEO packages for long term clients of at least 6 months. The "/6m" means 6 months period. For example, for the Advance package it's similar to the Rookie package but for 6 months period. So the stated amount is for the whole 6 months.

Do I need to pay all for the 6 months plan? e.g. the Advance package
I require 70% down payment for the 6 months plan package and the remaining 30% can be paid within 6 months but if you're unable to pay the balance for 3 months, I'll need to stop the service.

If I choose the monthly retainer plan, like the Rookie package do I need to pay everything?
I try to be flexible as I can to provide what my clients needs. You can pay me every 15th day and 30th, or just every end of the month.

But if you have another work agreement, feel free to let me know.

Gay Aida Dumaguing
Cebu, Philippines